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SDR Best Practices: The Ideal Day Of A Sales Development Representative

Ideal Day of Sales Development Representatives

An SDR's responsibility is to focus on inbound lead qualification and qualifying prospects.

The ultimate goal in most cases is to set up qualified sales meetings and sales accepted opportunities. 🤝 But there is more to it.

Most folks think its easy and mention in the same sentence that there are only a few things that you have to do. Really? Because as an Sales Development Rep you "only" have to: 👇

• Learn tons of terms (MRR, ARR, ACV, CAC, SKO, PIP, KPI, ...)

• Learn how to prospect

• Learn how to do phone calls

• Learn how to use social media like LinkedIn

• Learn how to qualify your prospects

• Learn how to communicate with video

• Learn how to communicate live

• Learn how to ask great questions

• Learn how to manage your pipeline and leads

• Learn how to work with the CRM

• Learn how to manage your AEs and sales managers

• Learn how to handle objections

• Learn how to adapt your voice

• Learn all the products, industries, and use cases

• Learn how to manage your emotional state.

• Learn how to follow processes.

• Learn how to build up your own structure.

• Learn how to balance quantity vs. quality.

• Learn how to get productive within a week.

• Learn how to do a lot of things by yourself.

• Learn how to do 1,000 other things in the shortest period of time.

oh and on top you 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗯𝗲:

• motivated every single minute

• goal-oriented, funny, smart everyday

• focussing on your goals

• in your best state every day

The point is.. being an SDR isn't easy but you can make it easier by having the right structure... every day!!

SDRs get leads typically from marketing via

  • Inbound inquiries

  • Content downloads (e.g. whitepaper, case studies, etc.)

  • Webinar attendance

  • Demo requests

And as an SDR you respond to leads very fast, ideally in minutes. ⚡

Tools like LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Lusha etc. help you to qualify a prospect better. Automation software like Hubspot or Lemlist then helps you to connect with those leads faster.

Why is structure so important?

  1. Without structure and daily routines, you won't be successful

  2. Consistency and discipline are key to success.

  3. Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger not having a clear daily structure when he trains, eats, and rests.

--> And that’s exactly what you as a Sales Development Representative and Business Development Representative need as well.

Expectations & Goals

Without a Goal, you end up nowhere

🎯 The daily structure starts with your goal - daily goals: Set up 1 meeting - weekly goals: Generate 2 new Sales Opportunities - monthly goals: Generating 4 SAOs

🌡 Measure often to change often Monthly measurement, monthly feedback, and change Daily measurement, daily feedback, and change

Learn more about the ideal daily metrics & activities for Sales Development Representatives in our Playbook.

The Ideal Day - Metrics

These are the metrics you get paid on. Metrics are heavily dependent on your average deal value.

Assumption here is an average deal value of €20k.

Metrics for Sales Development Reps

The Ideal Day - Activities

Activities are also heavily dependent on your ideal customer profile and target group.

Activity Metrics for Sales Development Reps

*) Split between Email, LinkedIn and Phone Calls heavily depends on your industry and target group.

*) Assume 5-20 minutes per activity, depending on automation and target group

The Ideal Day

If you don't know what you do on a daily basis, then you are not going to be successful. Use the structure below in case you have none yet. It is proven by leading companies and you will see that success will come if you stay consistent.

BUT there is also a lot more to consider. Especially the HOW. how you build it up. where do you find the leads, how do you call them, how to do social selling, how to manage everything in the CRM.

Learn more about the ideal day and how to implement it in our full playbook at

One more thing, if you want to increase your win rate, then download the sales meeting cheat sheet

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