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3 Ways To Develop Your Sales Mindset

The Sales Mindset - What the world's best seller's do

The greatest sellers have one thing in common... they constantly work on their mindset!!!

Your body, especially your physiology, your language, and the focus and meaning you give to something are deeply connected to how you feel.

And how you feel, and the emotions you transfer to your prospects and customers can make the sales or avoid the sale.

You interact with prospects and customers through your body and your emotions. So make sure you are in the right emotional state to hit your goals.

Let me show you an example of what influences your emotional state:

#1 Sales Mindset: Your Physiology Controls How You Feel

The way how you move your body, the way how you speak, on what you focus and the meaning you give to something controls your emotions.

If you feel sad, unhappy, depressed or anything else, try to make a radical change in your physiology.

This is usually the fastest way to change your emotional state.

Dance, go for a walk or for a run or make high-intensity training or just do some push-ups.

Even smiling for 2 minutes helps.

Your posture also controls how you feel.

If you want to feel empowered, make some power pose and move your body.

Pro-Tips to get into a better emotional state using your physiology (works immediately):

  • Jump 10 times and breath really fast

  • Smile for at least 60 seconds

Emotion is created by motion. Move your body to get into a better state.

#2 Sales Mindset: Your Focus Controls How You Feel

Where focus goes energy flows.

The focus you give to something combined with the meaning of it controls your emotional state as well.

If you focus on hitting your goals and the meaning of it is that you feel empowered by it you will most likely be in a positive and empowering state.

If you focus on not hitting your goals and the meaning of it is that you may be going to lose your job, you will most likely be in a negative and disempowering state.

The outside world stays the same for everyone, but every human has a different focus and gives a different meaning to certain happenings.

Pro-Tips to get into a better emotional state using your focus (works overtime):

  • Focus on the good and don't worry about what can go wrong, this fear is not real anymore

  • Focus on the positive and be thankful and grateful for small things

  • Don't give too much meaning to certain events. You missed the metro, great there is some time to enjoy a couple of minutes and being grateful for.

  • Don't major in minor things. Ask yourself the question "Does this matter in 5 years as well?"

#3 Sales Mindset: Your Language Controls How You Feel

Control the words you are saying and thinking because your language controls how you ultimately feel.

Words become reality and everything you say your body and your mind react to.

So control your language and use positive and empowering words such as solution, power, beautiful, joy, awesome, great, and love, ... instead of weak, hate, worry, and problem, ...

Language is important when doing sales

Different cultures have also different words in their language.

This is one major reason why cultures are so different in terms of their emotional state.

There are certain cultures that are seen as happier than others.

This is a direct reflection of the words they use in their daily lives.

This is also true for people. People who talk about happiness all the time are happier than others who don't.

Pro-Tips to get into a better emotional state using your language (works overtime):

  • Use positive language and positive words

  • Talk to others and yourself in a positive way

  • Be thankful and appreciate everything and say it as often as possible

Examples of how this affects you

Example 1 - Power G

As Power G I'm focused only on my unlimited power, I speak loud and fast and use empowering words and I am in a peak state all the time.

And as physiology, focus and language are controlled, it's easy to get into a happy and powerful emotional state.

Example 2 - Worrying G

In comparison to Power G, there is also a worrying G, but honestly fuck that. In this version there is a lot more negativity and fear in than in the version above.

Who do you think would set up more qualification meetings in cold calls, close more deals and is more confident in sales meetings - Power G or Worrying G?


The difference seems to be obvious once you know how you can affect your emotional state.

Can you imagine that the above version (Power G) achieves more, is happier, and lives a better life than the version below (Worrying G)?

That's absolutely the case, but if we are in a negative state it's not always so easy to detect.

With the tools listed above, it should be easy to change your state and to change your physiology, focus, and your language.

Start with physiology as it is easier.

If you want to develop a sales mindset then go ahead and check our FULL PLAYBOOK below 👇

Here is some more know- how that might help you in sales:


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