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Verschwommener Hintergrund

Join Us & Help Empower Sales Teams  🙌

Kickscale builds enablement tools for sales teams. We're helping small startups and established businesses sell their products and services, and scale their teams globally.

And we'd like your help.


Our customers are the most ambitious startups in Europe. We are doing the difficult-but-necessary work of building and enabling their sales teams - so these organizations can show their incredible value to potential customers.

We have a significant customer base, but we're still tiny relative to the opportunity we see. We have a staggering amount of work ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to help leading companies be successful while doing the most important work of your career.

What matters to us is what we enable for others

We focus on the details of everything we do. All to help sales teams around the world focus on what's most important to them. So Holo-Light can concentrate on delighting their customers, rather than thinking of how to build up their sales.

We take pride in freeing up others to work in the spotlight by enabling their sales teams as best as possible so that their is nothing holding them back.

Your Benefits
while helping us empower sales teams


Global Impact & Team

Work with an innovative and international team and customers around the globe.


Flexible Working Time

Truly flexible work:life blend approach with flexible working hours.


Learning & Development

Develop as an expert or team lead. Plus: Order profession-related books for free.


Office in 3rd district

Located in the 3rd district of Vienna, our office is in the Co-Working Space Packhaus.


Team Activities

We have several team activities spread out over the year to help keep up the team spirit.


Work with great customers

Kickscale empowers sales teams of top startups. Work with them - virtually or on-site.

From high growth Start-Up to established businesses. 
Global companies trust Kickscale to document, build and access their sales playbooks.


The World is our playground and Kickscale is headquartered in Austria 🇦🇹, with locations
in Vienna, Austria's capital city and Klagenfurt, the Silicon Valley of the Alps.

Verschwommener Hintergrund

⚡️Come Join our Team⚡️

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with more details.

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