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The following organisations use conversation intelligence and playbooks to enable both, their sales teams and the rest of the organisation

Symvaro Case Study
Contracthero Case Study

Roman Schweiger, CSO & Co-Founder

ShopStory, B2B eCommerce, Vienna 🇦🇹


"Great possibility to provide sales coaching & education for startups"

What do you like best about Kickscale?

We enjoy the variety on playbooks on all sort of situations & topics that are highly relevant to any SaaS-Startup. Our employees' performance increased, even after just 2 months of usage. This is based on the fact that they know spend time to improve, but also we see that our employees value that we invest in them, which ends up in drastically increased motivation.

What do you dislike about Kickscale?

There's not much we dislike, but the software could be slightly more intuitive - since we're a startup ourselves we think it's quite normal that you don't start off with the perfect software. In the end it's the great content as well as a caring kickscale-team, that easily make up for this.

What problems is Kickscale solving and how is that benefitting you?

Probably already clear based on the prior answers.


We wanted to grant our sales reps coaching and education, so they can work on their skills continuously, despite the lack of extensive sales experience within our organization.


However, when we looked for possibilities in the market, we realized that great coaches usually cost a lot - which is logical, since great sales coaches could already make a lot of money by just selling themselves.


With kickscale we found a solution that is reasonably priced and the content is produced by outstanding sales coaches with tens of years of experience in some of the best sales organizations out there.


Jannick Hartmann, Senior Software Sales Manager

@ Holo-Light, AR Technology, Munich 🇩🇪


"Kickscale helps me to uplevel my sales skills. I love how instructors present training playbooks as well as the included templates."

What do you like best about Kickscale?

The content library, including videos, scripts, templates, and helpful resources are great. It's very practical know-how that I could already apply in various sales conversations. Especially the sales meeting training as well as the way how playbooks are presented is very interactive.  Furthermore, the possibility that companies can build their own playbooks is also very nice as sharing sales relevant information becomes a lot easier.

What do you dislike about Kickscale?

Actually not much. We started to use the software a couple of weeks ago and after some time using it feels good. At the very beginning, some things are not always super intuitive, but the Kickscale team is always here to help.

What problems is Kickscale solving and how is that benefitting you?

As a high-growth tech & software startup, we need sales playbooks for everyone on the sales team. With Kickscale we found a solution that is not only affordable, but Kickscale comes also with the best playbooks, training, and templates I've used so far.

Sales training typically costs a lot - and the know-how is also not really retained after the training. Kickscale goes down a different path that we like a lot. Sales training and playbooks for every budget.

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