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Bring Your B2B Sales Team Up To Speed

Build the next generation of sales playbooks and training to quickly enable your sales team, build key processes and design a metrics framework to make their work visible and optimizable.

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Team Management
Team Management
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70% of B2B Sales Leaders list pipeline generation as their top challenge - Gartner*

Are you one of them?

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Sales Readiness Platform

Help your Sales Reps become better everyday

Great Sellers are not born ... they are built. Provide your sales reps processes and know-how that they need to succeed.


We call these Playbooks. Every seller needs a set of playbooks that they can use day in and day out.

Playbooks can be used to onboard new reps, train them, and to hold them accountable.


Build your standards and expectations. 

Sales Development Onboarding Process
Sales Outbound Process
More Sales Meetings
Cold Calling Routine
Meeting Management

Sales Readiness Platform

What are Sales Playbooks?

Sales Playbooks are best-in-class processes, and standard operating procedures enriched with know how that improve the performance of sales teams.


With these playbooks you make sure your sales team gets productive as fast as possible. Document all your Sales Plays in one central place, share them with the team and see the impact of them

But most importantly, create Playbooks that your team will actually use

Build State of the Art Playbooks


Provide Structure to your team, especially when it comes to the right day by day processes

Hold the team accountable and the best about it?.... SAVE TIME 🙌

Design Playbooks once and re-use it for new joiners

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Use Video in Playbooks


Today's reps consume content differently:


  • 80% of new sellers prefer Short-form video content (<5 min)

  • Make content consumable on mobile

How can you do that?

  • Record videos with our Loom extension

  • Link your own videos


Use short texts to support the video.

Your tips, tricks & tactics should be short and to the point.


Design it how your team likes to consume it and make it available in one place

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Make it easy for your team to find your Playbooks.

In realty, Organizations have their playbooks all over the place, in google docs, PDFs, screenshots on the desktop, etc.

Don't worry if you are one of them BUT start to store everything in ONE CENTRAL PLACE.


How do you prefer to start?
Sales Playbooks help your team to grow