Meeting Intelligence Platform 

Set up, organise, monitor and analyse your B2B sales meetings more efficiently in order to build a better and more effective sales pipeline.

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 Do You Invest Your Time Wisely? 

Virtual Team Meeting

Meeting Intelligence Platform

Drive more virtual and in-person customer meetings and move your sales meetings and prospects out of spreadsheets and into Salesforce with Kickscale.


  • Schedule, Manage and Analyze all your B2B Sales Meetings including intelligent and fast scheduling, notes, follow up status and CRM Sync.

  • Works with Live and Virtual Events, Trade Shows, Webinars and Demand Generation Campaigns

  • Everything in one place to measure meeting effectiveness, ROI and performance.

  •  Get Insights into which Meetings are more likely to drive revenue and which to avoid 

What applies to you?



 Number of Sales Meetings per Month 

 Number of Sales Meetings per Month 



 Revenue generated per Month 

 Revenue generated per Month 



 Learn how  Bert uses Kickscale  to identify the right sales meetings and to spend his time only in sales meetings that matter

 Track, Measure and Visualize  Your Sales Teams Performance and learn which Meetings really matter

  •  Calculate the ROI   be always on top of your and/or your sales teams performance

  •  Real Time Insights: The Platform will show you which meetings to attend and which to avoid. 

  •  Data Based Decision Making   Draft your strategy and organize your time based on the learnings from the data you have collected. Scale only the right sales meetings

Increase The Productivity Of Your Sales Team

  •  Schedule Meetings  with one click directly from your Gmail

  •  Save Time:  Get automatic time suggestions

  •  Track:  Meetings and Insights are automatically saved on your Platform and you will receive recommended actions based on knowledge excavated from past meetings




We engaged Kickscale in preparation of a business fair in US, where we wanted to enter the market. We wanted to visit the NAB-show, however we didn´t have any meaningful contacts nor local clients. With the Kickscale methodology and with the support of Kickscale experts, we were able to achieve more than 40 pre-arranged meetings with potential clients. This contributed substantially to making this event a full success and to maximizing our event-ROI. In the meantime, we have implemented this process as a standard for all our larger marketing events and we have seen strong improvements in the lead- and pipeline creation.



Kickscale helped us to efficiently book meetings at major trade shows across the globe in our different verticals. With Kickscale we efficiently pre-schedule meetings with potential new customers. We found the right people easily and prepared a highly targeted and specific multi-step email campaign. With the approach to pre-schedule meetings before the show, we can better plan our efforts and spendings for trade shows and use our resources more efficiently. In addition, we make sure that we meet with the right people and we know that already before the trade show starts.



Working together with Kickscale was really thriving: we first had a workshop to assess our company's current situation and to define our target prospects. After starting the first campaigns, we already had good results. This way, we were able to acquire more meetings with potential customers. Now we are busy keeping up with all the  new meetings and incoming emails!


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