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Demand Generation

Kickscale enables BDR teams to accelerate and align their demand generation campaigns.

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 Incredible Organizations

 That Trust  Kickscale.  


   Your all-in-one connected workspace for 

 Demand Generation Teams.  

Align and accelerate your whole demand generation team to generate more sales leads, meetings, opportunities, and pipeline.

Measure and improve your demand generation  and outbound team's efforts constantly

Make your BDRs more productive.


Onboard them faster and provide them with Standard Operating ProceduresPlaybooks and Resources

Clear processes and accelarated learning

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 A Single Platform  to help
Demand Generation Teams of all sizes to:

Manage Campaigns

Create new campaigns, collaborate with other departments and share resources

Manage Meetings

Schedule, manage and analyze your and your team's meetings​


Analyze your team campaigns and meetings


Apply the learnings to future campaigns

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Seamlessly  Integrate 

Kickscale isn’t a CRM but it integrates with every major CRM, like Salesforce. Kickscale automatically syncs your Meetings and Opportunities to Salesforce and works smoothly with Google Calendar and Outreach.io.


Ready To Make You and Your Team More Effective?

You will get more than just a platform, you get the best practices for your team too


Amount of
Meetings booked


Sales Opportunities generated


Time savings for every BDR per month

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