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How Standard Operating Procedures Help Companies to Grow

Why did you click on the Link to this Blog Post?

YES, of course, because we all know that scaling a company is VERY HARD.

And Yes … There are many surveys out there that prove that …

For example, DealRoom found out that only 16% of companies that raise a Seed Round manage to get a Series B investment and only 7% of them make it to a Series C investment.

But how can these numbers help us ANYWAY? 🤔

In the end, what counts is that we find a solution that helps our company to grow..

…. And this is why Playbooks filled with SOP are needed.

This is were Sales Readiness Software can help.

It is because there are 4 important Issues that are linked to sales

  • ⚡️ Implementing Sales Processes is hard and it takes a lot of time & Resources

  • ⚡️ Companies & Sales Team search … for years and years … for the Ideal Practices to Generate Revenue FAST

  • ⚡️Very Long Ramp Time for Sellers

  • ⚡️ No Access to Proven SOP to solve this issues

But let’s meet the Challenges in person

The Challenges

From an organizational point of view, TechCrunch identified the 5 main Challenges related to scaling

  1. KPIs and Data

  2. People

  3. Documentation and enablement

  4. Processes

  5. Tooling

  • As you know - only the things that can be measured, can be improved, and this is why you must focus on the right metrics ⚖️

  • People come and go, this is why you must have a good system to organize and lead your teams 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

  • Your used practices - the ones that worked and the ones that didn't are a key source of knowledge 💡 Always thoroughly documented them as well as the information crucial to the seller - infos about the industry, the companies, the people, etc.

  • There are different Best-in-Class SOPs for every growth stage, but regardless of the company and the industry, it is always the same Playbook that will help a company scale 📖

  • In terms of tools, the rule of thumb is start basic and then add extravagant automation tools if needed 🔨

The Ideal Process

All these challenges result in this dreaded AND ENDLESS search of ideal processes

It is hard to find perfection by yourself….

…. and this is why Standard Operation Procedure comes in handy 💪

you don’t have to spend weeks, months or even years searching for the best procedures to generate revenue FAST: You can use predefined Procedures

But as everything in life - this also can be challenge by itself 😩

You have to find the right SOP for the right stage of your company - and this is where we find the Limitations of the Existing Sales Readiness Software

Soo, How Can it be improved?

  • Better Software to capture SOP must be created

  • SOP must be made available to a wider public

  • SOP must be made easier to share

  • Softwares must be customized to better link SOPs to the right Stage of a company


What do you need as a Growing Startup to be successful?

You need a Place where You can:

⚡️use predefined SOP

⚡️build your own SOPs

⚡️Gather all your KnowHows

⚡️Have all of your CRM Channels in Place

⚡️Exchange Knowledge with other in your shoes


We can offer you:

⚡️ Predefined Standard Operating Procedures - Playbooks

⚡️ A Platform where you can customize the provided SOP

⚡️ A smooth Execution of your Campaigns with the help of the integrated Channels ( Google Calendar, Salesforce, ... )

Test it for free 🙌


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