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What Does SOP Stand For?

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure - also known as Playbooks - they are step by step guides and come with a set of procedures, tasks and instructions that aim to align teams in organizations and to make them more effective.

I am sure that you already have some really good processes in place. How do you make sure that everyone on your team knows about this process and follows it?

Yes right, you develop a Standard Operating Procedure and document each step of this process so that existing and new team members can follow it.

Imagine having access to SOP’s / Playbooks from the best companies in the world so that your team can quickly learn, adopt and follow the process to get the same outcomes. E.g. more revenue. Anyone with no experience could simply follow the SOP and be successful.

SOP Types

Standard Operating Procedures can be created for any company and any process. It is very common to build these if you want to align your team on successful processes. We typically see them in the following departments:

  • Marketing: used for campaign- , event planning, content management, etc.

  • Sales: used to standardize processes like prospecting, outbound campaigns, email campaigns, Meeting Management, follow up rules etc.

  • Marketing & Sales: used to align campaign and projects between departments

  • and many more

What does a Standard Operating Procedure look like?

As already mentioned, it's a step by step guide for your teams that comes with tasks and descriptions on how to do it. The picture below shows how this works:

Advantages of SOP’s

  • TIME: It takes months to years to develop processes that work and even more time to teach and align your team on them. What if new team members come on board? You will have to teach them the same principles again. Playbooks speed this process up!

  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Most processes are already available out there and many successful companies use them already. What if I tell you that you can get access to this know-how?

  • ALIGNMENT: Business is like sports. It is important to align your team on the strategies but also tactics on how to achieve them. Playbooks are the roadmap for that!

Learn from successful teams who have done it already. We aim to share the best practices of successful companies in the form of Playbooks with you.

It is best to learn from companies who have developed already successful processes instead of taking years to develop your own Playbooks.

Here are some examples of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) / Playbooks:

  • Onboarding Playbook - This Playbooks is a guide to provide best onboarding for new Marketing & Sales professionals on your team

  • Fast Prospecting Playbook - Need more leads for your sales team? This Playbook explains how you can speed up the process to get more leads on scale

  • Outbound Email Playbook - Have you ever tested Outbound yet? This Playbook shows how to get How to create outbound campaigns that result in revenue

  • Meetings for Tradeshow & Events Playbook - Tradeshows and Events are coming back but this applies also for virtual events. How can you generate max. outcome for the events that you are attending? More Meetings, More Pipeline and More Revenue

Feel free to email us directly if you want to have access to them:

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