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The 6-F of Sales Engagement by Todd Caponi

Thanks to Sales Assembly I had the chance to attend an event with Todd Caponi, a leading founder, speaker & workshop leader and sales trainer. During this workshop, I got some great insights which I want to share with you in this blog post. Thank you, Todd.

Sales engagement is critical to generate outstanding outcomes and to close more deals. Todd Caponi explained really nicely what the 6-Fs are and what leaders can do to increase sales engagement.

Here are the 6-F of Sales Engagement by Todd Caponi:

#1 Feedback

Providing regular feedback to the team and every individual is crucial.

It's important to provide

- FEEDBACK in general

- STATUS updates


#2 Forecast

A leader's job is to help their team forecast: What's coming, what's my day, week, month going to be like. If a leader is inconsistent, it's a crazy-maker for the brain, and causes reps to be (a) less engaged, but worse, (b) less creative and (c) less willing to try things and take risks.

While a leader must create an actual "forecast", in the context of engagement, it's about helping their team predict the future. This comes with




#3 Freedom

Individual sales representatives need the freedom to execute at their best. No one wants to be micromanaged, especially not the latest generations int he workforce like Millennials or Gen Z. As a leader provide




for your whole team.

#4 Family

Social interaction is in a world that is getting more and more virtual even more important. One critical human need every individual need is to feel safe. A leader has to provide this safety to the team. Every team member should feel to be part of a family and a team where they know they can be their best. I rather see it as a team, instead of a family. A team has to perform at it's best and everyone has to do their best. Important for a sales leader here is to provide:

- SECURITY for the individual

- ASSOCIATION to something bigger than themselves

#5 Function

This is critical. Make sure your team knows the impact of their everyday work. Does their work matter? Who do they influence with their work? It's not only about sales numbers, it's about the bigger purpose behind it. To whom does their work matter? As a sales leader, it's important here to talk provide




#6 Fairness

Most individuals ask themselves if the resources they invest are worth the reward they get. Here it's all about REWARD vs. EFFORT and it's about POLITICS.

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