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69 Facts about Sales Development Representatives

How much do you know about Sales Development Representatives?

We keep getting asked what the industry benchmarks are for SDRs, what they want from their career, how to manage them, etc.

But how do you get that know how? 🤔

We worked and talked with some of the world's best companies but who knows it better than SDRs themselves?

Sam Nelson who build the Business Development Team at Outreach has frequently published surveys and the results will surprise you.

The surveys were published for 1 year straight and asked on avg. 2000 Sales Development Representatives about their opinions.

Here are my favorites.. Scroll down to see all of the 69 results.. 🤓

  • SDRs: What would you want to do after your SDR Role?

  • At your company, how long do SDRs stay in the SDR role on average?

  • SDR Headcount at my company is currently increasing / decreasing?

  • SDRs: How many dials do you make per day on average?

  • Enterprise SDRs: How many Meetings do you set per month that are qualified and hold?

Here they are: 👇


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