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Objection Handling Playbook - All You Need To Know

Do you get rejected on cold calls, in sales conversations, or via email? Do you want to get people in the direction you want?

Learn how to handle Objections — and set up more meetings and close more deals! 😎

Or do you just want to know more about how to handle objections to help your team with proven strategies to overcome them?

With this concise Objection Handling Sales Playbook, you will quickly learn the main strategies and the mindset to overcome objections - no matter what.

What is Objection Handling?

Objection handling in B2B sales is the process of addressing and overcoming any concerns or objections that a potential customer may have about purchasing your product or service.

These objections may be related to the product itself, pricing, implementation, or any other aspect of the sales process.

By effectively handling objections, you can build trust with the customer, demonstrate the value of your product or service, and increase the likelihood of closing the sale.

When do Objections occur?

... Anytime and at any stage of the sales process.

Again, this isn't a bad sign. You just have to be prepared, Cowboy. 🤠

Typically objections occur in the following stages: 👇

Scheduled Sales Meetings

Cold Calls

1. Initial Contact

2. Demand Analysis & Discovery Phase

3. Solution Mapping & Demo Phase

4. Offer and Closing Phase -> Get a deal done

1. Opening

2. Hook

3. Presenting Value Prop

4. Offer and Closing Phase -> Get a meeting scheduled

The Objection Handling Mindset

⚡️It is impossible to be successful in Sales, without hearing the word NO! ⚡️Every No brings you closer to your Yes! ⚡️There is no sale without objections!

Objections typically occur first in your head or your mind before they even get toward the prospect.

If you think your product is worth the price, you are the greatest seller and you know what value your product brings, you will handle objections easier.

But ... if you aren't convinced your prospect will trigger that in you.

🔥 Action Item for Today:

Collect 50 objections, and I guarantee you you will be successful (if you learn something out of these 50 objections and try different things)

What to do to when Objections occur?

1️⃣ Don't be impressed - #1 rule

2️⃣ Listen very carefully. Listen to understand, not to respond. You want to understand why this objection comes up.

3️⃣ Prepare for objections. Make a list with 1. Objection: I don't have time 2. Objection Handling: May I ask you what is blocking you? I'd really like to understand how we can help you even get more time that you aren't as busy. Do you want to be less busy?

4️⃣ Always be polite, calm, factual and safe Take no objection personally, be always polite, and react in a polite way. Don't be rude. Never interrupt the prospect or customer.

5️⃣ Remind yourself about the goal when objections occur - Goal is to book a meeting - Goal is to close the deal - Then an objection is just a natural small roadblock you will move away from to move forward

6️⃣ Don't be the I know-it-all guy Ask questions back, and show understanding but don't try to convince someone without knowing all the details.

10 Proven Objection Handling Techniques to handle any Objection

  1. Show understanding

  2. Pretense or Objection

  3. Back to Discovery Phase

  4. Do it anyway

  5. Boomerang

  6. Tell a/your story

  7. Transform objection into a wish

  8. Change the prospects meaning

  9. Why

  10. Be silent

If you want to learn how to handle each of the above objections (incl. real life examples) and a lot more around objection handling... Then follow the link below to watch the full Objection Handling Playbook.

Objection Handling Full Playbook

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