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Announcement: Rethink How You Build Sales Playbooks

⚡️ Welcome to the future of sales playbook & training platforms! ⚡️

We're thrilled to announce our greatest upcoming release of 2022:

Kickscale's new sales playbook platform for building playbooks to onboard and train sales reps!

In the age where the most popular sales enablement platforms dictate exceptional standards of ease of use, we know that your sellers deserve nothing less than the same experience. And Kickscale’s new sales playbook platform stands exactly for that. Easy to use. Gorgeous design. Elevated usability. New game-changing features like:

  • ⚡️Process and Training Templates from the best Coaches

  • ⚡️Featured Resources, e.g. Call Scripts, Email Templates, …

  • ⚡️Onboarding & Training Dashboard

  • ⚡️...and so much more!

Discover all the new features here of Kickscale’s new sales playbook platform to onboard and train your sales team


No time to read right now? How about watching a short video instead?

All in all, what will Kickscale's new sales enablement platform bring to your onboarding and training efforts?

  • Templates. Already in the free version you find tons of templates that can be used by your sales team. For example, how to define your ICP, how to create a Value Selling Framework, Call Scripts, Email Templates and much more.

  • An easy to use and intuitive design that sets new standards in sales playbook building as well as the onboarding & training experience for your sales reps.

  • Playbook Building. Kickscale helps you to build your own sales playbooks, built on top of templates from experts. This means you save time and energy in creating sales playbooks for what’s really important, time for sales and your sellers.

  • Playbook Consumption. The consumption of sales playbooks for sales teams is as easy as possible due to the focus on the core, easy, intuitive and fast information delivery to a new generation of sales reps.

  • Dashboards - so you can always see what needs improvement and who needs more onboarding & training. Whether you want to see which playbooks have been consumed already or what sales reps completed what playbooks, with the new dashboards leaders have the right insights!

  • And what about Playbook Creators, Sales Experts and Coaches? The new feature Playbook Marketplace is a digital spotlight that will showcase all relevant experts and coaches creating stellar playbooks for sales reps so they get training smarter, easier, and better. P.S. We will add new Playbooks every month.

And this is nothing but a small taste! Are you excited yet?

Here's what Gerald Zankl, Co-founder & CEO at Kickscale, has to say about the new sales enablement platform:

"I do believe that Kickscale is the best onboarding & training platform in the market we serve. This is based on two factors: the way sales reps consume playbooks brings the best results in ramping up sales teams. And when you combine easy onboarding & training with best in class sales content from experts, all in an innovative platform, I can confidently state that, yes, we’re the best choice for all sales teams where onboarding & training is key." Check out our article to find out more about Kickscale's past and present, the progressive mindset behind Kickscale's sales enablement platform, and what will be the future of sales enablement according to Kickscale's founders. Here’s what Forbes says about Kickscale and the current challenges in Sales (German article). And remember! If you want a personal tour of the new sales enablement platform, our team will be happy to schedule a demo with you. So, don't hesitate to get in touch directly with our CEO:


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