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Paychex Uses Playbooks to Transfer Sales Know How 100% Faster

Faster Onboarding of New Sales Reps

Faster Sales Knowledge Transfer

Increase in Sales Conversation

Lutz Preußners, Director Sales & Customer Excellence | Paychex

​“Partnering with Kickscale enabled us to revolutionize how we share information with our sales team. Through the creation of centralized playbooks, seamless updates, interactive sales documentation, and advanced reporting capabilities, we achieved that our sales professionals know what we expect from them which leads to 40% faster onboarded sales reps and 20% increase in sales conversions.

Overview - Initial Situation and Challenges

Prior to implementing Kickscale, Paychex faced significant challenges in effectively disseminating critical sales information, ensuring consistent knowledge retention, and keeping their sales representatives updated with the latest processes.

The traditional methods of communication, such as email, Microsoft Teams, and document sharing, proved to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Paychex needed a comprehensive solution that could streamline their sales documentation and training processes, ensuring that their sales reps were well-informed and equipped to deliver exceptional results.


  1. Centralized Playbooks for Improved Knowledge Sharing: Kickscale provided Paychex with a centralized platform to create and manage sales playbooks. The platform empowered Paychex to easily update their sales reps with new content and process updates in real-time. Sales representatives could access the playbooks from a single location, ensuring that their knowledge was stored and readily accessible. With Kickscale's intuitive interface, sales reps could navigate through the playbooks effortlessly, enhancing their understanding of the sales process and boosting their confidence.

  2. Seamless Updates and Communication: Kickscale revolutionized the way Paychex communicated and updated their sales reps about changes within the sales process. Instead of relying on cumbersome email threads or disparate communication channels, Kickscale provided a streamlined approach. Sales reps received instant notifications regarding playbook updates, ensuring they were always up-to-date with the latest information. This dynamic and efficient communication significantly reduced response times and eliminated information gaps that could hinder sales performance.

  3. Interactive Sales Documentation: Paychex leveraged Kickscale's versatile features to build sales documentation that combined various media formats, including simple text, video uploads, screenshots, and practical hands-on videos and screenrecordings. This interactive approach ensured that sales reps had clear instructions and demonstrations of what they needed to do in different scenarios. By providing a rich and engaging learning experience, Kickscale enabled sales reps to acquire and retain knowledge more effectively.

Business Impact

  1. Accelerated Communication and Documentation Updates: By utilizing Kickscale, Paychex achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in the time required to communicate sales documentation and process updates. With instant notifications and real-time access to playbooks, sales reps received critical information faster, enabling them to adapt to changes swiftly and stay ahead of the competition.

  2. Enhanced Knowledge Consumption: Kickscale's interactive quizzes and comprehensive reporting capabilities led to a 100% improvement in knowledge consumption by Paychex sales reps. The platform allowed sales managers to track individual progress, identify knowledge gaps, and tailor training efforts accordingly. Sales reps benefited from personalized learning experiences, resulting in enhanced understanding, confidence, and overall sales performance.

  3. Improved Salesforce Data Accuracy: By equipping sales reps with comprehensive guidance on updating specific fields, Paychex experienced a 20% improvement in their sales conversions. The detailed sales documentation and hands-on videos provided by Kickscale ensured that sales reps understood precisely what and how to do when talking to customers.

About Paychex

Paychex Deutschland GmbH, a leading provider of comprehensive payroll outsourcing, human resources and time & attendance solutions, recognized the importance of equipping their sales representatives with up-to-date knowledge and empowering them to excel in a competitive B2B landscape.

To streamline their sales onboarding and training process, Paychex partnered with Kickscale, a cutting-edge sales enablement platform. With Kickscale's intuitive features and robust capabilities, Paychex transformed their sales operations, resulting in improved communication, knowledge retention, and enhanced sales performance.

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