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5x Faster Sales Onboarding & Improvement in the Overall Onboarding Process

5x Faster Sales Onboarding

“Onboarding SDRs and BDRs as fast and as structured as possible is key to get them productive. Kickscale helps us to streamline all our onboarding efforts with one easy to use platform. We are also able to monitor the onboarding progress and our reps enjoy the very structured onboarding.”

Vachark Co-Founder

Edward Grigorian | Co-Founder

Overview - Initial Situation and Challenges

Vachark approached Kickscale with several challenges related to their sales onboarding process.

The main issues were:

  • Lack of a clear structure

  • No overview of what sales reps have been onboarded on

  • and the need to get their Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) productive as quickly as possible.

Kickscale proposed a comprehensive solution that would enable to build their very own sales playbooks and streamline their onboarding process.


Kickscale's Sales Playbooks Platform enabled to create their own customized set of sales playbooks that were tailored to their specific business needs. They linked their YouTube videos and added specific instructions and descriptions to the onboarding steps.

The playbooks were designed to provide a structured onboarding process for new SDRs, ensuring they received the right information and training to succeed in their roles.

Business Impact

The implementation of Kickscale's Sales Playbooks Platform had a significant positive impact on's sales performance. With a more structured onboarding process, SDRs were able to get up to speed faster and become productive in their roles sooner. The playbooks also allowed to track the progress of each individual, ensuring that they were on track with their onboarding.

About Vachark is a San Francisco-based start-up providing sales calling and marketing services. The fast-growing technology company provides experts know-how in sales & marketing for B2B businesses. They offer data-driven account based marketing by leveraging data mining. Services include outbound SDR service, marketing qualification service and sales playbook creation.

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