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Your Sales Playbooks

  • Documenting playbooks has never been easier

  • Building your own playbooks has never been easier

  • Store all your Sales Playbooks in one place

  • Easy access for your team

Sales Playbook Builder
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Great Playbooks impact Revenue

Sales Development Onboarding Process
Cold Calling Routine
Meeting Management

How does it work? 🤔


  • Create your Own Training & Processes with our easy-to-use Playbook Builder

  • Assign to your Team

  • Use Multimedia: Record new Videos, add existing videos, add text, images, etc.

  • Leverage Quizzes to retain know-how

  • Store all your know-how at one place

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Share Sales Playbooks


  • Execution Dashboard - See who of your team completed which playbooks and help them to complete all steps

  • Align everyone on the team with the right training and the right processes

  • Never explain the same things over and over again


  • Easy access for your team: Never lose Playbooks in sheets, on desktops or other places again

  • Share the Playbooks with your Team

  • Team Dashboard to monitor the execution

  • Share Playbooks outside of your organization as well if you'd like, e.g. with Partners, Customers, etc.


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