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Outbound Sales: Winning Email Campaigns

Did you ever wonder how you can get anyone to reply to your emails? Well, we will cover the answer to this in today’s Blog Post. We gathered the experiences and know how of winning Sales Leaders and Sales Development Representatives.

What makes a good Outbound Email campaign?

That’s a question that we get often asked. There are a couple of things you will need to take care of. Here are the key ingredients of winning email campaigns:

  1. Set clear Goals: Is it a reply? a Meeting? a Trial? Make sure that you write your goals down.

  2. The more touching points the better (e.g. # of emails, Linkedin engagement, etc.): Use as many touching points as you can, but keep them rather shorter than too long. Max. 500 characters per message. Respect peoples time by feeding them with short and the right information pieces.

  3. The more channels the better: Leverage as many channels as possible. E.g. Email, LinkedIn, Calls, Text, not every channel works the same for every company. Keep testing and improve the channels that show early successes. Make sure to track your efforts so that you know what works and what to improve.

  4. Share quality content to engage with your prospects: Try to be helpful to the people that you reach out to. That’s really important! The more you help, the more likely you will end up achieving your goals.

  5. Persistence: Don’t give up and don’t let negative replies discourage you. It’s important to keep pushing, testing and to learn from your mistakes. But ending a campaign too early shouldn’t be an option. You might be just addressing the wrong audience or the right audience with the wrong message.

  6. Response time is critical: Once someone is engaged, reply as fast as possible. The more time you let pass between someone’s reply and your reply, the worse it is. Try to be your fastest self.

Consider those simple rules and you are one big step closer to a successful campaign launch.

The Message

The next thing you will need to think about is the message you want to send. So now it's the time to think of the goal you are trying to achieve. Is it a reply? a Meeting? a Trial? Whatever it is, it is crucial that you first think of your goal, because every message that you send, should lead towards this goal.

Once you confirmed your goal, you can start to draft your message. It is important to focus on --- Less is More --- Sales Teams tend to send too long and the same email to everyone. I can tell you right now that this is not working ideally. Customization and providing value are key. The best SDRs and BDRs focus on the following rules when writing their messages:

  1. Personal Touching point: Show them that you are not a robot. - I know who you are (e.g. info from Linkedin) I saw on your linkedin profile that…. (1 sentence). Be sure that you focus on the right lead osur

  2. Be Positive (I see you are doing a great job at…. NEVER be negative… don't use negative phrases (1 sentence)

  3. Deliver Value: I am of value to you: (2-6 sentences) deliver some kind of value. did he check for example the player page. Share some relevant blog posts that he has not viewed yet. Check Hubspot, Salesforce, … what have they done? What does their product look like? What’s in the news? Check web google etc.

  4. Call to action: ask a precise question: e.g. Do you have time for a meeting on Tuesday 11 a.m.? (note: end with a question mark)

  5. I will never ever go away until you reply to me. (be subtle): always follow up until this guy replies or explicitly says i don't want to get your messages.

Try to stick to those simple rules every time you are drafting a new message and you will be successful.

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