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How to Increase the ROI of NAB 2022

Why are we even here? 🤔

TRADESHOWS ARE BACK, that's why! 🤩


There are also 3 other main reasons:

1. According to FORBES, B2B companies who don't exhibit at trade shows will fall behind.

2. In-Person Meetings are way more valuable to bring essential know-how & information across as well as build trust

3. Companies spend 23% of their total marketing budget on tradeshows


For the purpose of effectively increasing your ROI, you have to undergo 4 Phases

Let's get started! 😎


Welcome to Phase #1

Demand Generation

Firstly, you should set clear goals

If you have no clue, make something up, be creative - set a goal of scheduling 40 meetings for example

Secondly, prepare the needed data

⚡Existing Data

Sit together with your team and identify which leads from your database would be the most suitable. Then, invite those old leads, opportunities, and customers that you have gathered over the years. Remind them that you still exist 😉

⚡New Data

Collect data whenever you can find something relevant.

Secret Tip: go to the website of the event, the names of all exhibitors, speakers and attendees can be found there

⚡How to get the data?

A simple Linkedin search will do the job (to get the needed names and relevant email addresses) Twitter can also be helpful

Secret tip: use Upwork and outsource the 'dirty work' 🛀

⚡Draft messaging

Prepare templates for the emails

If you are lost, see our free webinar for example templates😉

Thirdly, Sales Outreach

Now it is time to get those emails rolling. You can use automation tools such as Lemlist, Outreach, PersistIQ to make the processes more bearable 🤭

Last but not least - Marketing Outreach

It's time to use your creativity and market yourself.

Send newsletters, sending two prior to the shows has been proven to be very successful

Engage your thumbs in a simple workout and market yourself on social media 📱


You have made it to Phase#2

Meeting-Scheduling and Tracking

How can you increase your ROI, if you don't track your progress? 🕵️

Many people underestimate this point.

ALWAYS, track your meetings: pre-, during and post, and keep tabs on your scheduled meetings

In terms of meeting scheduling:

⚡Don't forget to add demo stations and meeting locations

⚡Take different time zones into account

You don't want angry or hangry customers, so maybe don't schedule meetings during off times 😜

⚡And always add the needed resources to the meetings (Solutions, Engineering, etc.)

For more helpful insights and tips, watch our video on the subject


Phase #3, Only one more to go 💪

Meeting Experience

Train, Train, TRAIN your sales team before the show! 🏋️‍♀️

A cardio workout might not prove to be the most effective solution 💪,

But the proper sales training will be 🙌

To do this: ⚡ Align your sales team

⚡Set the right mindset

⚡ Define and learn your discovery process

⚡ Ask the right questions

⚡ Define your meeting goals

During the Sales Meeting Process:

If you want to know how to most efficiently behave during this process, watch our free webinar


Phase #4: The most important part!

Post Show

You have survived the trade show, unfortunately the real work begins now

It's time for the most important part - The follow-up process 🤑

NOW Business happens!

Without the follow-up process, the whole meeting was for nothing

And you for sure don't want to have wasted your efforts! ✊

⚡Make a list of the people that you have already contacted, what next steps are needed, and whom you should contact next

To be the most efficient in this regard, use Kickscale.

Our platform will provide you with the smoothest scheduling experience there is, and the best overview of your planned and accomplished meetings and tasks!

⚡Afterwards, sync your leads and meetings with your CRM or at the Kickscale platform, to know where you stand

⚡Finally, make a report of the event and calculate your ROI

Include all of your spending and intakes, this information will help you in the preparation for your next tradeshow

⚡Don't forget to debrief your team 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

💡 Share your insights: what went good, what can be improved

💡 Learn from your mistakes and make use of your best practices at the next tradeshow

Secret tip: Do your follow-ups one day after your encounter with the person, for the best results

For more insider tips, insights and other valuable information watch our webinar


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