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Kickscale meets WebSummit



What is Web Summit?

Web Summit is the largest technology convention in the world, which hosts companies from all over the world. The event takes place in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, but the company also organizes events in Tokyo, Toronto (Collision) and HongKong (RISE). Founders, CEOs, startups, policymakers and leaders of many industries gather to exchange knowledge, expertise and ideas in order to revolutionize the technology industry.

Why should you attend?

  1. The event is the perfect place to meet experts from every industry! You can share ideas, get to know skilled business leaders, seek advice and explore the depths of the technology industry. #NETWORKING

  2. Web Summit will gather big names, that deal with the important issues of today - concentrating on topics ranging from deep tech and data science to design and sustainability. #LeadGeneration

  3. If you need inspiration, or you are eager to learn something new - Web Summit hosts masterclasses and innovative roundtables! Join the event and you will be able to attend cool classes, listen to interesting speakers and be inspired by the attendees! #LEARNINGandDEVELOPMENT

Have I provoked your interest?

If you are interested in the program of the event you can simply click ok the button!

Here you can have a look at the inspiring speakers, that will be presenting

You can easily purchase your tickets by clicking on the link!



Get to know us!

  • Kickscale will also be joining the summit! Our team will at the venture and will have its own booth. You will be able to meet the team, get to know us and our product and have a good chat. Join us to learn valuable insights, develop lasting relationships and have cold drinks at the afterparty!

  • Representers

Herwig, Markus, Gerald, Alex and Cim will be at the Summit waiting for you!

Our representatives will show you a Demo Version of our Platform, explain in detail its purposes and why you shouldn't miss out on using it! There will be also gifts waiting for you.

Reserve your personal meeting with us. Simply click on the button and pick the time that suits you best. It only takes 1 Minute!

Alex, our Customer Success Associate, will share his knowledge about Sales, CRM and much more. He is the latest member of the Kickscale Family and is in charge of the Kaleido and Holo-Light Project.

Gerald, CEO and Co-Founder of Kickscale, has years and years of experience and will teach you all his knowledge about Sales and Business Development. His passion about his Job is indistinguishable and his expertise-unmatchable.

Cim, Customer Success Associate, has a passion for fashion and is a highly-driven Digital Marketing and Sales Specialist. He works on the Anyline Project and will teach you all about Email campaigning and how to create successful Meetings.

Markus, CMO and Co-Founder, is THE Marketing Expert. He will share his rich experience and teach you creatively how to scale Outbound and inside Sales. Meet Markus if you are up for a good and insightful time.

Herwig, CEO and Co-Founder, as s former partner at PWC Consulting & Vice President at IBM, will be eager to teach you all about Management, and Sales Strategies!






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