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Kick-Start at Web Summit - Your Lisbon Guide

Picture from Svetlana Gumerova

10 places that you must see during your stay in Lisbon for the Web Summit - ranked from 1 to 10 where 1 is the most important.

1. Kickscale Booth - Thursday 4th, Nov - Booth Pavilion 3, BETA 3, B-322

Obviously, that one is a no-brainer. Swing by, say hi to our lovely team.

2. Tower of Belem

Also called Tower of St. Vincent. It’s built on an island at the waterfront. It was designed to greet the cities’ friends and to fight off enemies. There you can also find the statue of the Lady of Safe Homecoming.

3. Tram 28

Or just “eléctrico”. 28 is the line number. Honestly, it could also refer to the age of the trolley cars. Lovely age, having that myself.

4. São Jorge Castle

Ride the tram 28 and you’ll get there. Located at the top of the hill in the Alfama district. Panoramic views.

5. Rossio Square

Or Pedro IV Square. Lisbon’s most famous plaza is located in the central district of “Rossio”. People have been getting drunk there since the Middle Ages. Anybody up for a beer?

6. Praca do Comercio

Cannot get enough of squares, huh? That’s a nice one at the waterfront, also known as “yard of the royal palace”. Very scenic. My mate Dom Jose I lived here.

7. Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte

Met somebody at the Web Summit? Grab a bottle of wine, discuss “business ideas” and enjoy the view from here. Muito bom!

8. Pastéis de Nata

Together with a “bica”, a portuguese espresso, probably the favorite snack of the lisboners. Try them from Fabrica de Nata or from Manteigaria in Largo de Camões.

9. Bairro Alto & Bica

Feeling energized from the “bica”? Do after-work here. It’s the party mecca of the city. Hang out in the streets chatting with business partners with a glass of wine in your hands.

10. Ginjinha

That one goes well with the partying. Lisbon is known for a special drink named Ginjinha. It’s a delicious sour cherry liquor. Drink it “com ela” or “sem ela” (with the berry or without).

Already hyped? Me too. I hope these tips were somehow helpful. And hey, go easy on the Ginjinhas or drink one for me too. :)


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