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Create your value framework

The Playbook to

A detailed process to get from

$0 to $10M in ARR

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Roman Schweiger
CSO & Co-Founder, Shopstory

We enjoy the variety on playbooks on all sort of situations & topics that are highly relevant to any SaaS-Startup. Our employees' performance increased, even after just 2 months of usage. This is based on the fact that they know spend time to improve, but also we see that our employees value that we invest in them, which ends up in drastically increased motivation.

In 2023, outbound marketing is more effective for customer acquisition than ever!
Gerald Zankl's Playbook will teach you the craft of building your own B2B Outbound Sales Process.

Prefer to speak to someone about building up Outbound Sales or special assistance?  👉

Verschwommener Hintergrund

We don't need to tell you, sales doesn't get easier.
That's a fact. The Question is... h
ow are you going to


  • Most sales people don't know how to acquire customers fast

  • COVID-19 changed the fundamentals of sales completely

  • Great sales talent is not born, it's made and you need to invest

  • Getting a response from prospects becomes harder and harder

  • Prospecting good leads isn't easy

The list goes on - and it's all a sign of turbulent sales times ahead.

But here's the truth:

The playbooks we use in sales are critical for success

They define if we just survive, or thrive, even in an economic downturn.

We want you to thrive and generate new business easily.

Here is how the ideal month of your Business Development Representative will look like after applying the Playbook👇

Outbound Sales Process-Kickscale.png

⚡️Personas fitting our ideal customer profile will receive 10-15 touching points within one month

⚡️People who show interest and engaged with us

⚡️People we met on an officially scheduled call

⚡️Sales Opportunities fulfilling BANT criteria

⚡️Opportunities that are closed won

In fact for those who want to thrive and aquire new customers and see revenue growing, making an investment into the best processes and playbooks is no longer a "luxury" option ... it's a must

And the best way to help yourself and your sales team is to get playbooks from experts who have done it already. Get the skills Gerald Zankl and his team teaches you in the world-class playbook about outbound sales to acquire new customers faster than ever before.

What makes this Playbook so incredible⚡️

Generate Revenue via Outbound Sales in WEEKs instead of QUARTERS

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-18 um 11.06.00.png

With over 10+ years of proven results, there’s no one on the planet who’s better at enabling B2B sales teams. This playbook will help you build up the outbound process to generate revenue fast and acquire new customers easily.

Gerald Zankl build and led the global Inside Sales Team at Bitmovin (a YCombinator Startup with $90M in funding). This Playbook will teach you his strategy and tactics that helped Bitmovin and hundreds other successful B2B companies to become global category leaders.


In simple steps including video instructions, best practices and resources you'll discover your power to build up an outbound sales process to drive more business.


The Outbound Sales Playbook is the greatest outbound playbook in history - it's not motivation, inspiration or some empty "how to do sales". It's concrete tools and strategies to build up a repeatable outbound process that will transform your outbound sales that you can’t get anywhere else.   

6+ months

saved time in setting up outbound sales*

This playbook will help you save time in building up the whole outbound process and defining what's important.


saved in costs and company resources*

Most sales leaders try it first on their own and invest resources and costs to build outbound. In most cases, it doesn't work as this process is hard to set up. Don't fall into this trap and get help early on.


shorter sales cycle*

Reaching out to the ideal customers at scale with email, LinkedIn and calls will shorten the sales cycle.


improvement in responses from potential customers*

0% response rate on your outbound email? With Kickscale's outbound playbook you will for sure increase your reply rates, # of meetings and revenue.

Based on B2B Sales Team setting up Outbound Sales with a team of at least 3 outbound sales reps / BDRs

Why Now⚡️

During times of uncertainty like the recession we’re now in, most sales teams and businesses will shrink back, play small, and hunker down to wait out the storm. They choose to go into survival mode.

But for the brave ones – for the sales leaders among us – there is another option...


And those who choose this path will do much more than just survive. They will generate more revenue.

Warren Buffet’s #1 piece of advice for anyone who wants to thrive through this economic winter:


"The best protection against lower sales is your own selling power... the best thing to do is to start to sell more and reach more prospects during this hard times.”


And Gerald talks about it in another way: during winter, some will stay inside and wait for the storm to pass. Others will learn to ski or snowboard.


The point is: YOU get to choose how you experience the next quarter in sales.

And this outbound sales playbook will give you the tools for a thriving and full sales pipeline in winter, and in every season. 

warren buffett
Verschwommener Hintergrund


We will start with the goal and the metrics of this Playbooks. You and your team will end up nowhere without measurable goals. The Playbook will show you exactly how you can set those up

Define Strategy

⚡️STEP 1

Strategy - Process Definition
Ideal Customer Profile and Value Framework

Without knowing your Value Framework and Ideal Customer Profile, you end up shooting into the dark. We will show you a process that you can use to generate your own value framework and ICP.

Define Values

⚡️STEP 2

The more people you reach within a given time, the higher the chance of winning a deal. We will show you a process, and how you can automate your outreach.

Reach more people in less time.

Incl. Email and LinkedIn Templates

Automate Your Outreach

⚡️STEP 3

Automate your Outreach

According to research, prospecting is the hardest challenge for sellers. There are 100s of ways how you can do that. We will help you to setup two different ways of prospecting.


⚡️STEP 4


You will not only get the know how on how to do cold calling but we will also show you which tools to use. It's an end to end workflow.
Incl. Free Cold Calling Script Templates

Cold Calling

⚡️STEP 5

Cold Calling


⚡️ For Founders & Sales Leaders

⚡️For Business Development Reps

  • Accelerate Pipeline & Revenue Growth

  • Train your Team on best in class Outbound Processes

  • Get time back that you can invest in other activities

  • Reduce Ramp up time of new hires

  • Learn how to reach more people in less time

  • Learn how to use state of the art tools

  • Save time by automate your prospecting

  • Book more Sales Meetings

  • Hit your Quota over and over again

Sales Outbound Playbook - what you get
How to build your value Framework
Create your value framework


Persona Template  |  Value Framework Templates  |  Email Templates | + Cold Calling Script


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Christopher-Mueller CTO Bitmovin
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Markus Koblmüller Co-Founder
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Andreas Greilhuber

Ready To Generate More Revenue?⚡️

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