Our Missions is to generate more and better Sales Pipeline for B2B Businesses.

Kickscale generates better and predictable sales pipeline  for B2B businesses without significant sales resources. Through the Business Development Platform, easy workflows, playbooks, and alignment business development teams quickly learn how to generate predictable sales pipeline.

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Our Story

At Kickscale, we understand that for B2B Software Companies pipeline generation is vital for their success. With our Business Development Platform we help them to drive more virtual and in-person customer meetings to increase sales pipeline and close more business.

Our Vision

We empower and align all business development teams.

Our Strategy

We understand that valuable meetings and real customer engagement are a vital part of generating sales pipeline.

Kickscale offers consulting services and the leading Business Development Platform to help B2B Software companies drive more and better virtual and in-person customer meetings to increase pipeline and revenue.

"Business Development has changed immense, make sure you reach all your potential customers."
Gerald Zankl, CEO & Co-Founder Kickscale

Our expertise helps B2B Software-as-a-Service companies to drive more and better meetings to increase sales. 

  • Early-stage employees of the leading Video Streaming Technology Company. We scaled real and virtual events with 10 Meetings to events with 450+ Meetings.

  • Established repeatable outbound funnel process to generate predictable sales pipeline.

  • Built-up Sales and Business Development Representative Teams and Content Marketing Teams.

  • Founded Kickscale to help other B2B Software companies to generate more and better pipeline.


 10+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing Pipeline Generation and how to optimise it 

Kickscale was founded out of a problem a fast growing B2B tech start-up had. We had to identify what works best for pipeline generation and what activities lead to revenue generation. Based on the approaches we learned at the famous American startup incubator Y Combinator, we contacted more than 1,000 people each week and set up as many virtual and in-person meetings as possible. The implementation and definition of this outstanding process took us over two years. Afterwards, we have recognised that the process works, but we need something to analyse the activities afterwards as well and to set-up and organise meetings more efficiently. We have founded Kickscale to consult and teach the process and offer a SaaS Business Development Platform to manage revenue-driving campaigns and to set up, organise, monitor and analyse B2B sales meetings more efficiently to generate accurate and better sales pipeline. Our team of experts is ready to help you generate more meetings, track the outcome of those meetings and focus on activities which lead to pipeline generation and revenue growth.

From high growth Start-Up to established businesses. 

International Companies use Kickscale to start, run and scale their businesses.

The World is our playground and Kickscale is headquartered in Austria 🇦🇹, with locations

in Vienna, Austria's capital city and Klagenfurt, the Silicon Valley of the Alps.


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