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Our Mission 
Anything is possible with the right Marketing & Sales Know How

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Our Story

At Kickscale, we understand that for B2B Software companies pipeline generation is vital for their success. Our Playbooks include processes of the world's best sales teams and we provide these to you within our platform. 

Our Vision

Learn and apply from the best

marketing & sales team.

Our Strategy

Kickscale is offering playbooks enabling marketing & sales teams to scale faster. Playbooks are standard operating procedures enriched with best-in-class content.

This results in increased efficiency, improved conversion rates, and better alignment between marketing & sales teams. By consistently using Kickscale based processes, customers increased revenue up to 10% and more.

Our expertise helps B2B companies enable their sales teams:

  • Early-stage employees of the leading Video Streaming Technology Company. We scaled real and virtual events with 10 Meetings to events with 450+ Meetings.

  • Established repeatable outbound funnel process to generate predictable sales pipeline.

  • Built-up Sales and Business Development Representative Teams and Content Marketing Teams.

  • Founded Kickscale to help other B2B Software companies to generate more and better pipeline.

Kickscale was founded by three sales and marketing experts and is supporting customers in the area of business development, especially in the area of lead and opportunity development. To achieve this goal, we use best-in-class processes, e.g. such as those used and applied by leading US-based accelerators (for example Y Combinator) in pushing growth of their startups. When looking for applications supporting our work we found out that there are many tools covering particular aspects of these processes, however no tool which is supporting them end-to-end. We have therefore started to develop our own SaaS platform in which these best-in-class processes are mapped and optimally supported. This platform is now ready for the market and we have already sold it to our first customers. In the next step, we want to develop this solution further and scale sales across Europe. Our aim is to become market leader in the area of event and meeting management applications.


From high growth Start-Up to established businesses. 

International Companies use Kickscale to start, run and scale their businesses.


The World is our playground and Kickscale is headquartered in Austria 🇦🇹, with locations

in Vienna, Austria's capital city and Klagenfurt, the Silicon Valley of the Alps.


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