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Event Promotion Playbook

Do you promote your Events yet? 🙂

Your goals for each event can differ, e.g. more registrations, more attendees, more meetings, etc.

BUT it will fail in case you don’t put enough effort in your promotion.

Promotion is a joint effort between Marketing and Sales!

So where to start?

Follow a simple process and ensure that each event gets enough attention. Here they are:

  • Create Assets

  • Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Easy as that.

So let’s start with it.. Here is our standard operating procedure:

Create Assets

We need to produce the right assets in order to promote our event properly.

Assets are creatives and things that help to promote your event.

Each event needs to come with the following assets:

  • Landing Page

  • Images

  • Sales: Short text snippets for Sales & Email Signature for Sales

Of course, you can create more BUT those are the MUST HAVES.

1. Build a Landing Page 🧙🏼‍♂️

That’s the first thing that people will be seeing. So let’s make sure to nail it. A landing page needs the following attributes:

  • Title

  • Description: When is it, What’s happening / what’s the value people get, Who is there,

  • Creative Image (that drives awareness)

  • Form: include a form that doesn’t ask for too much information. Here are the things you should ask: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company Name, Country

  • Social Sharing Buttons: This should make it easier for people to share your event with others

Here is an example of such a landing page:

BUT how to build that? Simply use a service such as Hubspot or

It’s super easy to use and gets the job done quickly :)

2. Create Images 🌆

This step is pretty obvious. RIGHT?

Create some creatives that you can use for your social and email promotion.

Be creative when creating them. OR if you don’t have any ideas, simply copy styles from other successful companies :)

In case you don’t have a design team that can help, simply build your creatives in Canva..

This tool is super easy to use!

3. Create Sales Collateral ⚡️

Every marketer is more successful when getting sales support.

So what can we do for them?

Let’s first build snippets for them that they can punch into their email OR use for social promotion.

Make it as easy as possible for them to promote your event as this will increase the likelihood that they help you with the promotion.

  • Social Media draft: Share a draft of a social media post with them + add also the image that you created before that

  • Email Snippets are short information pieces about the event that they can punch into their email

  • Email Signature: This is a very important piece. Sales is reaching out to a lot of people and ideally every person that opens the email sees a nice email signature on the bottom promoting your event.

Here is an example of an email signature

So let’s start building these and go to the next step.. The promotion :)


No traction without PROMOTION. You simply have to do it in case you want to make your event a success.

Start with this process 3-4 weeks before an event. To ensure that you have enough time to get people's attention.

So let’s jump into it. These are the must haves for event promotion:

  1. Newsletter

  2. Social Media

  3. Sales Outreach

  4. Nurture Emails

  5. Website

1. Newsletter 💌

Start to send newsletters 3-4 weeks prior to the event and include the event in everyone of these. If you don’t want to send a newsletter, then simply segment a list of people that you think will attend and update them every week with the event. Don’t forget the call to action at the end of your email (Schedule a Meeting, Register, etc.)

2. Social Media 🙌

Everyone in the company should start to promote the event on social media. Do that also 3-4 weeks prior to the event. The more people do it, the more reach you will get. Now it’s the time to grab the social images and text that you have created before and to share it with the rest of the team.

3. Sales Outreach 📣

This is where you want to grab your email snippets and share it with sales. They have a lot of reach as they are in contact with the right people. Every salesperson should reach out to their prospects and peers and create buzz.

You can help them best by providing messaging and if needed, lead lists of their prospects, customers, etc.

4. Nurture Emails 🎁

Add the Email signature to your Nurture Emails. Why?

You send probably a ton of emails during a week and every prospect receiving it should be aware of your event. Remember, the goal with nurture is to get people more interested in the value you provide.

5. Website 😎

The face of your company :) Always leverage the traffic that comes to your website. AND how to do that best? Create an extra event page that lists all the upcoming events and lead people to that page. If you don’t have that, then simply use a service such as hellobar. It’s a bar that you can easily add to the top of your page and promote your event or other assets. Here is an example of a case study.

That’s already it. Follow this simple standard operating procedure and you will improve your events over and over again.

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