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How Christian Krause Went From SDR to AE at Salesforce in Just 2 Years (Playbook)

How can you speed up the process to become an Account Executive?

Christian Krause went from SDR --> Account Executive in 2 years at Salesforce. - that's 6 months faster than the average SDR.

I was never the number 1 performer in any role. My numbers were always good but that's not why i got promoted faster than most people. - Christian Krause

But how did he do it?

Today we are going to share his playbook. 👇

  1. Operational Excellence: Be on top of your activities. This includes CRM data entry & accurately forecasting your pipeline. It's something that most sales reps don't like but it is necessary!

  2. Build Excellent Relationships with your AE: Support them wherever you can & speak highly of them when they are not around. Helping others will boost your career.

  3. Leadership visibility: Schedule monthly 1on1s with your leadership. Show the good work you did and ask for mentoring.

  4. Strategic Initiatives: Join in strategic decision making. Christian joined the first social selling program at Salesforce and pioneered how they use SalesNavigator & Vidyard. He helped to create processes.

  5. Knowledge Sharing: Great leaders share their know-how. They are not afraid of sharing. Share best practices with other peers. This shows that you care about the team.

  6. Onboarding Support: Become an onboarding buddy for others. This will teach you a lot about leadership, you help others to get onboarded quickly and build the foundation of great relationships

  7. Innovation: Keep testing. Christian frequently signed up for free trials to test new tools that might be helpful for his performance. If you see first results, show them to the leadership and help to build a business case around it. That's how you can get budgets approved for new tools which will then be rolled out to the entire team.

  8. Hiring: Use your network to promote open jobs within your organizations. This shows the leadership that you care and remember, hiring is a top priority for your managers. They will notice you if you are able to help them

I think it's a great example that shows how helping others and focusing on more than just the numbers will help you thrive in your career.

You might not see immediate impact of those actions but they will pay off if you do them over a longer period of time. Start Today :) Some more resources that might be interesting for you:


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