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Es gibt keine Lösung auf dem Markt, die eine tiefere und individuellere Analyse deiner Verkaufsgespräche bietet.

Die Kosten hängen stark von den individuellen Bedürfnissen, dem Umfang der Analyse und der benötigten Tiefe der Analyse ab.

Mit Kickscale ist es möglich, die Analyse des Verkaufsgesprächs an deine Bedürfnisse anzupassen.

Also lass uns sprechen, um die perfekte Lösung für deine Anforderungen bereitzustellen.

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"Durch Kickscale's automatischer Gesprächszusammenfassung & Follow-up Email, verbringt unser Vertriebsteam 60-80% weniger Zeit auf bürokratischen und damit mehr Zeit damit, richtig zu verkaufen."










Hier ist ein kurzer Report, gewonnen aus analysierten Verkaufsgesprächen, der zeigt was die besten Vertriebsmitarbeiter anders machen als der Durchschnitt.

Das Perfekte Verkaufsgespraech.png
  • What is Kickscale?
    Kickscale is an innovative AI-powered platform designed for B2B sales teams to enhance their efficiency and derive data-backed insights from every sales discussion. 1. Free Reps from Administrative Tasks: It serves as a personal virtual notetaker and assistant to sales representatives during their meetings. By recording, transcribing, and summarizing virtual sales calls, it automates administrative tasks, highlighting critical elements such as budget, objections, questions asked, next steps, and even drafting customized follow-up emails. 2. Gain Critical Customer Insights: The AI offers the team essential customer insights, empowering sales teams with data-driven understanding and visibility into crucial decision-making elements at the customer level. It ensures transparency across the sales team and eliminates the need to rely on guesswork or uncertainty regarding prospect decision criteria and buying processes. 3. AI Sales Coach: Functioning as a scalable sales coach for the entire team, it serves as an invaluable advisor during post-meeting analysis. By providing conversational intelligence metrics and coaching feedback, it enhances sales team performance and increases win rates for deal closures.
  • Who is Kickscale for?
    Kickscale is build for innovative B2B sales teams conducting business through virtual meetings (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom) or phone calls. It is tailored for sales teams seeking to automate administrative tasks such as note-taking, follow-up emails, and CRM updates, as well as those aiming to extract visibility and critical information from their sales meetings. The primary users we serve include: Account Executives Sales Development Representatives Business Development Representatives Sales Leaders Sales Operations Customer Success Here's what Kickscale's AI does for Sales Reps: With Kickscale's platform, sales reps can reclaim time previously spent on laborious administrative tasks. Crafting custom follow-up email drafts Transcribing meetings Summarizing meetings with options to share and comment Highlighting critical sales elements such as budget, objections, features, and next steps Updating the CRM Preparing for upcoming meetings with data-driven metrics on conversational intelligence Providing visibility and transparency across their organization, fostering trust and a competitive team environment Facilitating data-driven best practices and knowledge sharing Sales Leaders and Chief Revenue Officers leverage Kickscale's platform to drive increased revenue by enhancing the productivity of sales meetings. They use Kickscale for: Accessing data-backed information to expedite deal progression, including customer needs, allocated budget, decision-makers involved, objections, etc. Implementing qualification frameworks (BANT, MEDDIC, etc.) and standardizing sales meetings based on best practices Improving sales rep efficiency through AI-driven automation of post-meeting administrative work and data collection Facilitating knowledge transfer and sharing best tactics among team members Maintaining continuous visibility into areas requiring sales training and coaching Offering scalable, efficient call coaching for every seller Reducing onboarding ramp time for new sales hires Sales Enablement Teams and Sales Coaches utilize Kickscale for: Continuously training sales representatives using Kickscale's coaching function Expediting the onboarding process for new employees Serving as a knowledge base and repository of best practices, templates, and methodologies Tracking employees' learning journeys via learning dashboards and learning tracks Customer Success Kickscale enables the extraction of critical insights from customer conversations, which can be utilized for customer interviews. Product Managers benefit from Kickscale's analysis by gaining insights into features that influence deal progression or stagnation, informing resource allocation decisions. Marketing Utilizes call recordings to understand customer needs and market dynamics, incorporating these insights into the organization's messaging and marketing strategies.
  • How does Kickscale's platform work?
    Schedule a demo with us - we'll facilitate your trial, customize your setup, and swiftly onboard you. Connect Your Calendar. (Google, Zoom, Microsoft) It's a quick process in just 4 steps. Our users report that it takes them less than 1 minute. You can also upload meetings manually. Record: Your upcoming meeting will be automatically recorded (Voice, Audio, Presentations, etc.). You can choose to start or stop recording at any point during the meeting. The meeting analysis becomes available in your Kickscale dashboard shortly after the meeting concludes. The Meeting Analysis includes up to 1000 datapoints. Here are a few that work per default: Meeting Transcription Meeting Summary Identification of critical sales elements such as Budget, Objections, Features, Next Steps, etc., along with custom insights if needed Draft of custom follow-up emails Share option and Comment option Metrics on Conversational intelligence/Sales meeting (Bant...) Plus many other features The Meeting Analysis is provided for your reference, enabling you to extract lessons and prepare for future meetings. Our customers use it to disseminate findings and outcomes among team members, or to share transcripts, summaries, and video recordings with their clients. The automatic follow-up email draft feature is a significant efficiency booster, saving sales teams up to 30 hours per month. Get started now; the setup is just a few clicks away.
  • What if I record calls via a different service provider?
    No problem. Simply upload your video or audio call via the kickscale platform and the meeting analysis will be performed. Book a demo in case you want to use a seamless integration.
  • How accurate is the AI?
    Super accurate. We are especially proud how stellar it performs on accents and dialects. Kickscale has an optimised speech-to-text model, achieving state-of-the-art accuracy of 85%-90%. Kickscale technology is built to use machine learning to identify topics that are being discussed on the call, independent of specific keywords. That makes Kickscale resilient to transcription errors.
  • What if I am not happy with one analysis?
    Simply retrigger the analysis with one click. That gives you the option to have an even more detailed analysis. We love our users and customers and you can see this in our support. Simply reach out via the chat and you will receive an answer with help shortly after. Not kidding - simply try it :)
  • Can I integrate Kickscale with my CRM
    Yes. Connecting the CRM system with the Kickscale's platform is possible. Contact us on for a demo and we will help you integrate with your CRM, and tailor it to your specific needs.
  • Will my sales reps see this as surveillance?
    We at Kickscale take privacy very seriously and we recognize that our platform is an innovative AI driven solution for sales teams. However, what we actually found out is that sales reps, after testing the Kickscale platform, are our biggest champions and most enthusiastic users. But do they love? They love the time savings. Sales reps get hours per week back through the automatic summary, follow-up email, CRM update, etc.
  • How secure are my recordings and data?
    Very secure :) We are GDPR compliant and run on European servers. You can also delete all your information whenever you want.
  • Should I inform the customer that the call is being recorded?
    We strongly advise doing so. Our experience shows it's quite easy to do so during scheduled sales interactions, such as demos or discovery calls. When the representative phrases it as, "Would it be alright if I record this call to ensure I can focus on our conversation instead of taking notes?"... ...the prospect typically agrees 95% of the time. And if they don't agree, you simply don't record it. :)
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