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A Single Platform to help Business Development Teams of all sizes to:

Manage Campaigns

Manage Meetings



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Collaborate on  Campaigns 

Create new campaigns and collaborate with other departments:

  • Sales outbound campaigns

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Product campaigns

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  • Schedule meetings

  • Manage your meeting notes & next Steps

  • Measure the success of your Meetings over time

Manage your Sales  Meetings 

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Analyze your 

 Campaigns & Meetings

Get Insights with a single click:

  • Campaigns that resulted in most Pipeline

  • Campaigns that resulted in most Meetings

  • Campaigns worth to repeat

  • What makes successful Meetings

  • The source of successful Meetings


Learn, Repeat &  Share 

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Seamlessly  Integrate 

Kickscale isn’t a CRM but it integrates with every major CRM, like Salesforce. Kickscale automatically syncs your Meetings and Opportunities to Salesforce. 


CRM: Automatically log all meetings and opportunities automatically into your Salesforce CRM to avoid entering data on multiple areas.​


Calendar: Your Google Calendar ist integrated into Kickscale to schedule meetings automatically.

Conferencing Systems: Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and many more conferencing systems are integrated automatically to schedule meetings faster and easier.

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