CEO & Co-Founder

Gerald is an expert in growing SaaS businesses and in Enterprise Sales. He built up an early stage Global Sales & Marketing team and later on a Global Lead Generation and Sales Development Team. He knows the importance of setting up a decent number of quality meetings with customers to drive pipeline and revenue. He has experienced this in his own leadership role at the leading Video Infrastructure SaaS company.

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Customer Success Manager


Cim is an expert in digital marketing, email campaigning and process building to set up virtual and in-person customer meetings to drive sales pipeline and revenue. He helps our customers to book more relevant meetings and establish a repeatable and predictable meeting process.

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 Customer Success Associate

Tarik is an expert in campaign execution, execution and sales. In the last couple of years, he worked in sales and marketing positions in leading companies like OMV, ÖAMTC, etc. 

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Martin Eidler
Software Developer Frontend

Martin is an expert in frontend software development and helps to bring the UI and UX of our services to the next level. All with the goal to make our users happier :)

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CMO & Co-Founder


Markus is an expert in the field of Growth Marketing. He built a Global Lead Generation Team and implemented Digital Marketing Automation. He also scaled global outbound and inside sales teams. He tries always to find the most creative ways to increase the number of customer meetings and look into the data to get valuable insights out of these meetings.

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Günther Cwioro.jpg

Günther Cwioro

Lead Software Engineer

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Günther is a very passionate Lead Engineer with a ton of experience in Engineering and leading Teams. He worked already in several leading positions and helped to scale teams and companies such as Bitmovin, Hex and Anexia. His experience lifts our team and Kickscale to the next level. 


Fabian Riedlsperger

Software Developer

Fabian's core competencies are in developing the Kickscale Meeting Intelligence Platform. He helps the team with development and design efforts.


Greta Kämper
 Jr. Customer Success Associate

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Greta is a Business Student with a passion for cooking.

Not only can she bake the world's most delicious cakes, but she can also mesmerize everybody with her past experiences as a Sales Manager. 



COO & Co-Founder


After a thriving career in many different businesses, Kickscale was pleased to welcome Herwig Gangl to the team. Herwig was former partner at PWC Consulting & Vice President at IBM. As GM of IBM's Consulting Unit in CEE & Middle East he was responsible for over 700 people. He managed EMEA wide sales teams and consults with focus on Sales Strategy & Key Account Management.

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Rayna Parvanova
 Marketing Assistant

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Rayna worked already in Sales and Marketing and is furthermore an expert in different languages. She enriches our team with her creativity and new approaches.

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Alexander Lukov

Customer Success Associate

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Alexander brings a ton of energy and knowledge as customer success manager to the table. His skills go from sales, customer relationship management, speaking and presenting and a lot more. 


  It's all about the people - Thanks for working with us 

 The Kickscale Team

Kreatives Design


Be curious, don't be afraid to test and to make mistakes, we all do them, but only courage helps us to be creative and to learn.

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Do a few things really well. We believe that only focus leads to happiness and progress.

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It's all about the people and the experiences you create with them. Spend time with people you like, admire and want to grow with and great things will happen.

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Enjoy life, the people around you and your work. Dare to fall in love with the process and you will end up loving the easy and hard times.

  When you break it down, it's all about the people 

The Kickscale Culture

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