Enable your Marketing & Sales Team with Playbooks

 Do You Know Your  Goal?    But Not  How To Get There? 


How to get more Sales Meetings?

How to onboard new hires quicker?


How to run successful online event?

How to build an ABM campaign?

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How to build a sales outbound campaign?

 Incredible Companies that trust  Kickscale  


 Ekaterina Snezhko 

Business Development Team Lead


Everyone is always aligned and knows who is responsible for what and that's what makes the BDR work effectively.

 What  is Kickscale?

The Kickscale Platform is offering playbooks enabling sales teams to scale. Playbooks are standard operating procedures enriched with best-in-class content. You can access know-how from likewise companies that are successful and apply them to your projects - AND simply create your own playbooks.

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 How  does it work?

Brian Chesky

Sales Manager

I need a reliable process for:


  • Onboard new SDRs

  • Generate more Meetings and Pipe for the business

  • Increase my Meeting -> Opp ratio

  • etc.

The Challenge


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Choose a  PLAYBOOK  from our Library

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Use the Playbook & Adjust it

Load the Playbooks (Standard Operating Procedures) from our library into your Kickscale workspace and adjust it to your needs.

Can you also create your own Playbooks? Yes of course. We are sure that you have great processes that you want to save as Playbooks and share with your team.

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Campaign Team

Project Management - Assign Processes & Tasks from your Playbook to your team & manage the execution.

Each Process and Task comes with know-how in different forms (Text, Video, Audio).

  • Align everyone on the team

  • Never explain the same things over and over again

Guide & Coach your Team


Analyze and Measure the Impact

Integrate with Salesforce and see the impact of your Playbooks on the performance of your sales team

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Campaign Trend Analytics

Are You Or Your Team Following Any Playbook?

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