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SALES PLAYBOOK #1: The Most Aggressive Email Cadence

We all struggle to increase replies.. so today we are showing you the probably most aggressive cadence... Our Coach Luke used it all the time. 🙌

It's the Justin Michael Method.. Open rates will go up to 80% & reply rates closer to 10%.. BUT how can you apply it?

Before sending anything ask yourself:

  • Is it painfully short?

  • Is it assertive?

  • Is there pain/fear highlighted in every touch?

  • Can any individual touch in the sequence represent the whole thing?

  • Did you personalize quickly? Try not to spend as much time here, more time reaching contacts across your accounts

I don't want to lie.. the cadence we are going to share is very aggressive.. BUT it works.


Use This Modern Email Cadence To Increase Replies


SALES PLAYBOOK #2: Exposing Great Email Templates

Question... are your email templates driving enough replies? meetings? Or revenue?


If we have to guess, they probably don't. Most SDRs/BDRs struggle with this.


So how can you fix it?


We used AI to analyze the best templates over the last couple of years.


The best SDRs and BDRs focus on the following rules when writing their messages.



SALES PLAYBOOK #3: Here is My Follow-up Technique

I think the best feeling as an SDR / BDR is hitting your monthly goals.

Isn't it?


I will show you how to increase your chances of doing so.

You have the biggest leverage on the meetings that you have booked already.

Every meeting counts... right?


This is how to structure your follow-up emails to get most out of every meeting.

Reply to this email if you are interested to get the full cheat sheet!



SALES PLAYBOOK #4: These email CTA's will help you to book more Meetings

To book more meetings, you will need these call to actions whether you like them or not. 


Gong analyzed 304,174 emails to find the best call to actions.

They put them into 3 buckets:

  • Specific CTA: Ask for a meeting with a specific day and time

  • Open Ended CTA: Ask for a meeting but it's open ended

  • Interest CTA: Asks for interest, not a meeting

BUT which one do you think works best?

Well, research shows that it's the interest CTA.👇


Use these 43 highly effective email CTA's to book more meetings.



SALES PLAYBOOK #5: How To Land A Meeting With Barack Obama

Booking meetings with decision makers is not easy.

Especially with Barack Obama.

We all have been there.. right 😉

BUT there are a lot of tactics that will increase your chances of booking a meeting with key decision makers such as Barack Obama.

We analyzed more than 1000 email templates.. and here is the most creative tactic. 

How to land a meeting with Barack Obama

Follow it and you will book more meetings.


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