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Easy Onboarding for Your Sales Team

Reduce the ramp up time of your sales team by up to 3 months

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⚡️Create step by step guides for your team

⚡️Access Processes from our Library

⚡️Provide a stellar first impression

⚡️Share with others

Team Management
Team Management

⚡️One Platform to onboard all your Sellers to reduce ramp up time

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Daniel Booz

Head of Inside Sales

We have found Kickscale to be a great tool for new hire onboarding for our SDR team. The Kickscale onboarding playbook helped us create a clean and intuitive learning curriculum, and SDR’s became productive faster once we implemented through Kickscale. New hires were able to learn our product and processes in a structured, deliberate way, which had been especially challenging in an international and remote-first context. Thanks Kickscale for mastering unconventional use cases like ours and being a great partner to Bitmovin!

Save time by using our Sales Onboarding Playbook

Built to make your live easier

Sales Development Onboarding Process
  1. Grab our Sales Onboarding Playbook

  2. Adjust it to your needs if needed 

  3. Assign ownership to your new joiner

  4. Enjoy the progress

Inbound Follow-up
Cold Calling Routine
Lemlist Onboarding

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