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Sales Meeting Management for Trade Shows

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Coordinate and track in person meetings at Trade Shows

 ⚡️ Playbook that guides you through every Meeting

⚡️Replace sheets with Easy Scheduling and Notes Tracking

⚡️Sync Meetings to other Systems

⚡️Track Every Meeting

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⚡️Increase ROI


More Opportunities


Successful Meetings Held

Get more sales out of your Trade Show

Reduce time to meeting with Booking links

Track every meeting, Notes & Next Steps

Ensure faster Follow-ups

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Sign up and get access to all of them

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Sales Meeting Tracker

Fill the Sales Teams Calendar pre-show

Book meetings through the Kickscale Calendar or use our booking links

+ Playbook on how to get more meetings

Team Management
More Sales Meetings
Sales Meeting Notes

Track Meeting Notes & Next Steps

Store all meeting relevant insights that will help you with a stellar follow-up

+ Meeting note & Follow-up Playbook

Meeting Management

Manage Meetings during the show

Get control over the whole show calendar.

  • Overview of all meetings

  • Reschedule function

  • Mark show or no show meetings

  • ...

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Sync Data to other Systems


The following features will help you increase the ROI of your Trade Show

Automatic Time Zone Adjustment

So that your reps don't have to do the calculation

Mange Room Availability

To ensure that every important meeting gets a meeting room or demo station

Storing of all Meetings

Every meeting needs to be stored and invited to future shows as well

Integration in other Systems

Every meeting should be synced to the major CRM and Calendar

Booking Links

Cause time to meeting matters. To ensure that your reps can schedule meetings faster

Track Show or No Show Meetings

Important for tracking post show to know who showed up and who didn't

Quick Follow-up

Ensuring a quick follow-up post show is critical for the success

+100 Playbooks

that will provide you and your team best in class processes to get more meetings, how manage them and how to follow-up with them

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Ready to increase the ROI of your Trade Show?

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