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What's New 🎉

Jan 16, 2023

  • Desktop Sales Training App Improvements:

    • Removed White space under upcoming playbooks KP-1562

    • Fixed Individual Playbook sharing bug on playbook player KP-1587

    • Fixed missing delete button for playbooks in Playbook Overview in platform KP-1585

    • Updated Title and teaser text on Playbook Player Marketplace KP-1564

    • Adjusted title and description of the website in social posts KP-1595

    • Various styling improvements/fixes to the fullscreen views:

      • Chapter/Page name now uses more space

      • The playbook name is now displayed in App bar

      • Renamed Back/Next Button to previous and next step

    • other small improvements regarding styling

  • Mobile Sales Training App Improvements

    • Playbook Navigation drawer is now swipeable in mobile

    • Various styling changes to the fullscreen view to improving usability and overview

Dec 21, 2022

  • Reworked playbook view in Marketplace

  • Upcoming/Available Playbooks

  • Confetti effect on playbook completion

  • Renamed Support Table to properties

  • The assignment section is now divided into in progress/completed playbooks

  • Billing Section in Platform

  • Billing button in Playbook Player

Oct 21, 2022

  • KP-1377 If no description we no only show a little chip with “add description” instead of empty editor

  • KP-1453 Next/Back button for playbook navigation

  • KP-1379 Playbook Resources are now downloadable

  • KP-1431 Improved Dasbhoard UI

Oct 13, 2022

  • KP-1452 Upload local images to Editor

  • KP-1431 Playbook Analytics Dashboard

Oct 7, 2022

  • KP-1288 improved mobile view in playbook overview

  • KP-1408 New tease animation for playbook templates/resources in playbook player when user is not logged in

  • KP-1454 Rework of the Project Section

  • Improved performance

  • Display less information

  • Removed timeline view (due to bad performance)

  • KP-1422 Removed Unused functionality/code which should also boost performance

  • KP-1424 Backup for playbook resources

Sep 28, 2022

  • KP-1278 The playbook player now shows the name of the playbook plus the clients name in the appbar when viewing a playbook

  • KP-1382 Playbook Type/Department are now config table entries that can be changed in the Settings. Also added filters in the Playbook Overview

  • KP-1181 Improved Loading Time for Playbook Player

  • KP-1415 Removed "My Playbook" Tab

  • KP-1416 Reverted Sorting for Playbooks in Dashboard

  • KP-1384 adapted font of editor to match throughout the platform

  • KP-1392 Updated App Login Screen

Sep 23, 2022

  • KP-1373 Moved Buttons in Playbook Overview to save space

  • KP-1405 When you invite someone to a workspace you can now get the invite link directly out of the platform in case the mail gets stuck: Go to Settings->Team->Pending Invites where you can get the link by clicking on copy link (see screenshot)

  • KP-1387 Resources can now be directly created in Playbooks/Tasks/Subtasks

  • KP-1410 New Tease Overview in the Playbook Player

  • KP-1391 Improved Add Playbook Dialog

Sep 16, 2022

  • KP-1380 Playbook Resources are now shareable via email and playbook player just like the playbook templates

  • KP-1378 Playbook Resources now also show up in the playbook player

  • KP-1374 The editor height now adapts to the content (please check if this is useful)

  • KP-1372 Rework of the App Drawer

  • KP-1383 Fixed bug reported by alex where the playbook would reset randomly

  • KP-1306 Basic Mobile Support (Please provide feedback)

  • Playbook Templates can now only be accessed in the playbook player if the user logs in -> fixes some problems with authentication and fetching the descriptions (KP-1293)

  • KP-1366 You can now also embed videos in the playbooks (e.g Youtube Shorts, Vimeo, every other video platform that provides embedding code)

  • KP-1351 Fixed bad performance when editing Playboo/Task/Subtask name in dialog

  • Various UI/UX updated and improvements

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