Make Every Meeting Count 

Kickscale is the meeting intelligence platform that brings all of the relevant meeting information together to identify sales opportunities and close deals faster. Leading companies and sales teams trust the Kickscale team with years of experience.


+ 30 %


- 20 %

TIME SAVINGS per month:

10+ h 


  •  Schedule, Manage and Analyze all your B2B Meetings including intelligent and fast scheduling, notes, follow up status and CRM Sync.

  • Works with Live and Virtual Events, Trade Shows, Webinars and Demand Generation Campaigns.

  • Everything in one place to measure meeting effectiveness, ROI and performance.

 What's in it for you? 

For CxOs:

Evaluate your sales performance: Evaluate the performance of each sales team member not only on closed revenue, but also even before anyone closes the first deal. Have we hired the right candidate? When will the new hire close the first deal? What is my team doing the whole day?

Improve your forecast accuracy and pipeline health- is the opportunity close to being signed? Most likely not if you haven't met the economic buyer or the lawyer. Or if you haven't met three different people in the organisation. Kickscale shows you that, because every sales member schedules every meeting via Kickscale. 

For Sales Managers: 

Kickscale helps to identify which meetings lead to sales pipeline and closed deals to focus your team on the right meetings and shows the whole funnel's status from Leads -> Meetings -> Pipeline and Opportunities -> Revenue.

Meetings Drive Pipeline. And there is a strong correlation between sales meetings and sales pipeline. In addition to the quantity of sales meetings, it's also about the quality of sales meetings.

 Increase your Teams   Productivity 

 For Sales Development Representatives 

With Kickscale Sales Development Representatives, schedule meetings faster, find relevant follow-up information and store notes in one place.

 For Account Executives 

Kickscale helps you to identify which people you should meet again to generate revenue.

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