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Playbook: How To Launch On Product Hunt

Hey hey, 👋


I assume that you have a product / service that you want the world to see and use 🙃

Or you just want to learn how the whole product hunt process works.

Anyway, you are at the right place!

We will teach you how you can launch your product on product hunt.

The process was used by several companies that we have studied such as Lemlist, Amy, etc. There are actually a ton of learnings out there but we wanted to summarize all the great know-how into simple apply to process…


BUT you should start with this whole process at least 3 months prior to your launch. Proper preparation will make sure that you are successful.

So let’s get started :)


1) Set your Goals

What a surprise :).. As always we are starting with the goal!

Kickscale helps with Playbooks

As Arni said already, if you don’t have a goal then you will end up nowhere. So what are you actually aiming for?

  • Users: People who test your product and sign up to your service?

  • Traffic: People to get aware of your product and visit your website

  • Feedback: Engagement with potential customers and to get their feedback

  • Etc.

You can do it like our friends at AMY who used the following: (click here to get to the document)

Product Hunt Launch KPIs

Build your goals together with all stakeholders that are involved in this project,

Write them down!

Communicate them clearly to all people involved and repeat them over and over again!

FYI it is also important to think of a launch day. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the busiest days on product hunt.

Product Hunt Launch KPI

Does this mean you should always go for those days?

Well, it depends. What’s your goal and your product like? There is definitely more competition on these days.

Anyway. :)

We can start with the preparation once you have set up your goals.

2) Create a Product Hunt Profile and Engage

Create a profile on product hunt and make sure to warm it up prior to your launch.

BUT where to create it? 😁

Go to and create a profile just like mine below:

Product Hunt Profile

You ideally do that at least 1 month in advance of the launch.


We need to warm up the account a bit in advance. Product Hunt wants to see your engagement with the community

What does the warmup include?

Try to be as often on the platform as possible.

e.g. I was now 60 days in a row active, created discussions and participated in other discussion and product development.

Activity on Product Hunt

The better you do that, the more badges you will earn.

Earn Badges on Product Hunt

So now it's your turn. Go on PH and start your journey 🧙🏼‍♂️

3) Build an Audience

The next step you want to do is to start the promotion of your product prior to the final launch.

So how do we do that? 🤔

Product Hunt gives you the option to create a sub landing page.

Just like mine below:

Product Hunt Landing Page
Product Hunt Landing Page

Why is this so important?

You can simply use this landing page to get early traction..

This way early users can subscribe to your product news to stay up to date.

What advantage does this have? 🤓

  • Get early traction: by promoting this landing page on product hunt discussions, social media groups or via email, gives you an early indication if there is interest in your product / service

  • Email Subscribers: Anyone who subscribed can be emailed afterwards. e.g. updates to the launch, feedback survey, etc.

So you see this has a lot of advantages.

Let's create a page now:

  1. Go to Product hunt:

  2. Click Submit --> New product

  3. Put in the details 🙂

  4. Share it with people (social media, groups, email, etc.)

BUT what else can you do to build your audience for your launch?

Use your existing database. So everyone who is already on your newsletter, communities

OR use social media. IMPORTANT NOTE: it is important that the people who support you on product hunt do not create their PH account within the same day. WHY? Product Hunt penalizes people that create an account the same day they also upvote. So whoever should support you, needs to have already an account or create it prior to the launch + engage with it :)

4) Find a Hunter

Why should we even work with a hunter? 😁

Successful launches usually come hand in hand with great supporters (Hunters)!

Just look at the example of AMY:

Product Hunt Upvotes

But where can we find a good hunter? 🤔 First, it’s important to think about your goals. It doesn’t make sense to work with a hunter that has a lot of followers interested in finance while you are promoting a marketing product. Try to find a hunter that really fits you and that might become a user of your product as well :) Here is a platform that shows you the best hunters and that allows you to search by category:

Product Hunt Hunters

How can we now engage with them?

Let's try it on the example of Chris Messina who is first on our list above.

Best is to search and reach out to them via Linkedin. Chris is for example on that platform:

Product Hunt Top Hunter

Follow him and reach out to him with a personalized message asking for help. He makes it even easier and offers an application to be hunted by him:

Product Hunt Top Hunter Submission

BUT he asks for a hunter kit and that is not uncommon.

A hunter kit is basically all the info that your hunter will need in order to be able to post your product. 🤟

Name of the product (max 60 characters)

  • The URL you want to promote. If you have app URLs as well, put them here too

  • Tagline (max 60 characters)</