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Kickscale Public Beta Launch

👋 Hey - great having you here and thanks for visiting our blog 🙏

Gerald here, Co-founder & CEO of Kickscale. Along with Markus Jenul and Herwig Gangl, we founded Kickscale to empower marketing & sales teams with Playbooks from the best teams in the world.

Imagine you know your goals, but not how to get there? 🎯

Frustrating, right? 🤨

Searching and applying best practices to achieve your and your team’s goals are a huge challenge.

Ever spent time explaining to your team all the necessary steps to complete a project?

It sucks and takes a lot of time. Managing (remote) teams and successfully completing projects in time is a real pain. And explaining and managing all steps to achieve your goal is painful and takes a lot of time.

This is my story. I was a former manager of marketing & global sales teams. I failed to build the right processes and didn't make my team as successful as they could have been. I don't want any manager to have to go through the same painful journey. I want you and your team to succeed so you and your team hit your goals.

With an all-star team - Thank you Kickscalers 🙏-, we set out to make it dead simple to turn questions like

- “How to prepare a successful event?”, or

- “How to run a successful campaign?”, or

- “How to onboard new team members?”

into easy-to-understand How-to-solutions. 💡

But - what’s the secret?

Playbooks are the secret, Playbooks are best practice processes with know-how from the best teams in the world which you can apply.

After months of building and acting on pilot feedback, we’re proud to share Kickscale with the world.

What started as an idea to organize events and trade shows better blossomed into the easiest way to access best practice processes to execute them step by step with your team.

Today our beta users use Kickscale to:

  • ⏰ Manage and educate a remote workforce where asynchronous communication is key

  • Record your own step-by-step how-to guides or use pre-defined ones so your team knows exactly what to do and how

  • 📋 Get access to predefined best practices and SOPs for their teams

  • ⚡️Organize and manage projects faster, e.g. Live and virtual events, marketing campaigns, etc.

  • 🤓 Onboard and train new employees

Kickscale gives you access to predefined best practices which help you to complete your projects faster. This saves you and your team time and energy.

The best part: you become your team’s HERO!

How exactly do we make that happen?

🔍 Download the best practices from our library into your Kickscale workspace

📝 Edit and adjust the best practices, or create one yourself

🎨 Create a project and share the best practices with your team

🎯Manage the execution of various projects

Starting today, anyone can get access to our best practices and our platform for free by visiting We are building our paid features in the months to come, but there will always be a free version.

We’re excited and grateful to hear what you think. We know this group’s feedback will make our product better. Thanks for reading! 🙏

Let’s Kickscale and make every marketing & sales team successful! 🚀

Yours, Gerald

Create your free account here.


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