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+20% More Won Deals With Training & Coaching for the Account Executive Team

Increase in Overall Revenue with Sales Training

“We hired Kickscale to train and coach our Sales Account Executive Team with state of the art sales tactics. As our team was new to many sales topics, we wanted to enable them. We did that via Kickscale’s online training modules and group coaching & workshop sessions.

The team learns all necessary skills (e.g. sales qualification, objection handling, demo meetings, effective conversations, closing) to constantly improve in sales. Since we started to work together with Kickscale our deal closing rate improved by 20%.”

Sebastian Schwelle | CEO & Co-Founder ShopStory

Overview - Initial Situation and Challenges

  • Revenue potential of the sales team was only used up to 80% with missing sales training, coaching and enablement

  • Limited training help from experts to improve team which resulted in a lack of sales experience

  • Shopstory thought about hiring a coach, but they are typically too expensive

Before implementing Kickscale, Shopstory's sales team operated without any formal sales training or coaching. The team members had to rely on their own experiences and self-taught tactics to navigate the sales process. The lack of years of experience in sales led to slower growth and slowed down the development process of the sales team.

At this stage, it is challenging to maintain a high level of motivation and to realize their full potential. Structured trainings and mentorship through Kickscale was therefore very welcome.

While Shopstory considered hiring a coach, the cost and inability to cover all the necessary topics made it an impractical solution.

Situation Now with Kickscale

  • The Kickscale sales playbooks and training modules for various topics increased closing rates by 20% in average across the whole team due to better qualification, objection handling and the famous closing question.

  • The sales performance increased after using Kickscale only 2 months because the team spends time to get better and the team sees an investment in them

  • All training modules are highly relevant to B2B SaaS companies like Shopstory

  • Online learning and additional coaching and workshops make the perfect offering to constantly improve

  • Kickscale brings in different coaches for different topics to have always the best expert in

  • Training content is very valuable and you feel the experience of all coaches within the Kickscale solution


Shopstory found the perfect solution to their sales training needs with Kickscale. Kickscale offered a comprehensive set of sales playbooks and training modules specifically tailored to the B2B SaaS industry.

These resources covered a wide range of topics crucial to success, including qualification

meetings, objection handling, demo presentations, and pricing negotiations. With Kickscale's proven methodologies and expertise, Shopstory's sales team gained access to valuable knowledge and guidance.

Kickscale went beyond just providing training materials. They organized remote and on-site group workshops, creating an interactive learning environment for the Shopstory team. These workshops incorporated role-plays and practical exercises to reinforce the concepts covered in the playbooks.

By simulating real-world sales scenarios, the team gained confidence and improved their skills under the guidance of Kickscale's experienced coaches.

3) Expert Coaches for Specialized Topics

Kickscale's unique approach of bringing in different coaches for various topics ensured that Shopstory received the best expertise available. Each coach was a specialist in their respective field, allowing the sales team to benefit from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. This dynamic blend of knowledge elevated the quality of the training content, providing actionable insights that the team could immediately implement in their sales approach.

Business Impact

Shopstory experienced remarkable improvements in their sales performance within just two months of implementing Kickscale's training and coaching solution. The investment in training showed the team that their growth and success were valued, leading to a boost in motivation and productivity.

The team embraced the opportunity to refine their skills, resulting in faster closed


By implementing Kickscale's tactics, Shopstory reduced their deal cycle by at least one meeting, accelerating revenue generation.

Additionally, the team's enhanced qualification, objection handling, and closing techniques contributed to a 20% increase in overall revenue.


Shopstory's journey with Kickscale demonstrates the transformative impact of investing in comprehensive sales training and coaching. By leveraging Kickscale's sales playbooks, training modules, and expert coaches, Shopstory empowered their sales team with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the competitive B2B SaaS landscape.

The positive business outcomes, including increased sales performance, faster deal closures, and significant revenue growth, solidify Kickscale as a trusted partner in driving sales success.

As the CEO and Co-Founder, I highly recommend Kickscale to other SaaS companies seeking to up-ramp their sales team's skills and elevate their business to new heights.

About ShopStory

Shopstory builds bridges between customers and online shops. The leading provider of software for online shops helps small and medium sized e-commerce businesses build a profitable business model so they have a better chance in a highly competitive market.

Shopstory has helped more than 150 online stores achieve their goals and is present in several markets across whole Europe.

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