Sales  Meeting Automation  Platform

Schedule your sales meetings faster and follow up effortlessly.

Replace your Google Calendar and make sure all your Meetings, Notes, and Next Steps are saved and automatically synced to your CRM.

For Trade Shows and In-Person Events.

For Hybrid and Virtual Events.

For SDR and Account Executive Meetings.

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 Why Meeting Automation? 

w/o  Kickscale 

  1. Schedule your meeting with your calendar

  2. Send meeting reminders and agenda to participants

  3. Enter the meeting in your CRM

  4. Take meeting notes somewhere

  5. Send follow-up email

  6. Schedule follow-up meeting

  7. Update CRM records


20% of meeting participants don't show up due to no reminders

30% of meetings have no follow-up meeting scheduled

50% of meeting participants got no follow up email

5 hours of admin work every month per seller

Schedule  with  Kickscale 

1. Schedule your meeting with Kickscale

2. Take Meeting Notes

3. Coordinate follow-up email and meeting


Complexity is the enemy of execution

Meeting show rate increased by at least 20%

More follow-up meetings

1 hour per month instead of 5 hours for admin work for sellers

1. Seamlessly   Integrated 

Integrate your meeting scheduling and meeting note-taking process with your Google Calendar and your CRM, like Salesforce or Hubspot.

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2. Meeting Automation 

Reduce your time to meeting.

Create a Meeting Link that you share with your prospects to get faster to a confirmed Meeting.

Especially important for Trade Shows, In-Person, Hybrid and Virtual Events.

3. Manage and save
your  Sales Meetings 

  • All Meetings are saved

  • Manage your Notes and Next Steps

  • Rate your Meetings

  • Sync data to your CRM

  • Easier Follow-ups

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Ready To Schedule Meetings faster?

You will get more than just a platform, you get the best practices from our team.