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Kickscale is offering standard sales processes enriched with best-in-class content enabling Sales teams to scale. Deliver the onboarding and processes your SDRs need to exceed quota.

For B2B SaaS Companies.

For SDRs and BDRs.

For Account Executives.

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 Ekaterina Snezhko 

Business Development Team Lead


Kickscale helps my team to make the meeting scheduling process faster and more transparent. Meetings get automatically synced into the Calendar and Salesforce. Google Meet is integrated as well.


Furthermore, I have a complete overview of all outbound campaigns and meetings my team has done including meeting notes, status, and next steps of these meetings to generate more sales opportunities. Everyone is always aligned and knows who is responsible for what and that's what makes the BDR work effectively.


Do you face any of these  challenges? 

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How to schedule meetings faster, take meeting notes, and sync outcomes to your CRM?

  • Meeting Scheduling Automation

  • Meeting Note-taking

  • Automated Meeting Follow-Ups

  • Meeting Analysis

  • Integrations and Synchronisation to CRM, Calendar, and Video Conferencing Services

How to enable Know-How Sharing & Collaboration between Revenue Teams?


  • Know-How saved as Standard Operating Procedures

  • Pre-defined successful processes from the best B2B SaaS Enterprise companies at your fingertips

  • Share the processes with the team

  • Campaign resources and sales collaterals

  • Clear responsibilities and Team Management with Activities & Tasks

Clear Process

Manage Tasks

Get a step by step Guide

Get everyone on the same Page


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Access to proven  Processes 
from worldclass sales teams

Predictable Pipeline Funnel.png
Predictable Pipeline Playbook

Learn how to build a predictable and repeatable pipeline machine and how to apply all of that know-how to your sales and marketing team

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Align Marketing and Sales

How to align Marketing and Sales Teams and work together on campaigns that drive drive business

Outbound Sales.png

How to generate more pipeline with outbound sales.

Email Template.png

- What makes a good email campaign? - Free Samples incl.

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This process shows you and your team how to get more Meetings at Tradeshows

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Sales Call Playbook

Learn how to master every meeting, prepare, ask the right questions and the right next steps in order to close a deal

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