Sales Process

  • Get more revenue through predictable sales pipeline

  • Set up more valuable B2B sales meetings

  • Get in front of B2B buyer you wish to meet

  • Make your sales team more productive

For sales leaders and CxOs that want to grow their revenues and believe outbound playbooks can get them to high growth and predictability.

We build a repeatable sales process for B2B software companies 

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You Have No Essential Sales Playbooks? 
No Problem. We can help you to build your Playbook to get more revenue.

Less Ramp Time

Increase in Revenue

Time Saving Through Know How

What You Will Get

STRATEGY & TACTICS Playbooks for a solid base ⚡️

  • Ideal Customer Profile Identification for Target Customers and Target Personas

  • Value Framework Creation

  • Target Account Lists

  • Target Persona Lists

  • Sales Metrics & Processes

  • Forecasting and Pipeline

  • Onboarding Playbooks

  • Hiring and Recruiting Playbooks

ICP Playbook
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OUTBOUND SALES Demand Generation Playbooks to accelerate growth⚡️

  • Outbound Prospecting & Research

  • Target Account List Creation

  • Outbound Messaging and Scripts

  • Social Selling

  • Templates for Email, Text, LinkedIn, Cold Calling

Results-driven SALES EXEUCTION and SALES TRAINING Playbooks⚡️

  • Sales Motivation, Sales Mindset and Personality Types

  • Lead and Meeting Qualification incl. Objection Handling

  • Sales Frameworks: BANT, MEDDPICC, Front-9, ...

  • Lead Handover Process

  • B2B Complex Sales and Value selling

  • How to do great sales meetings incl. making contact, need qualification, value presentation, offer, and closing

How to do great sales meetings
Build up Lemlist

TOOL SETUP Playbooks⚡️

  • CRM Systems like Hubspot or PipeDrive

  • Sales Engagement Platforms like Lemlist,,, Hubspot Sales Hub

  • Prospecting Services like ZoomInfo, Upwork, Echobot, ...

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How does it work?

Get your Sales Playbook in a 12-Week Workshop.



Needs Analysis
Together with you, we analyse your current revenue and sales structure and processes and provide you with a suggestion what playbooks should be changed or rebuild.


Build Playbooks

Based on the analysis, we are going to build essential strategy, tactics, tool, outbound sales and execution Playbooks so that your team knows what to do and how to do it.


Access to the Playbooks in the Kickscale Platform

All playbooks will be centralized within the Kickscale platform including descriptions, explainer videos as well as templates and scripts focused on your ideal customer profile and the value for your customers.


Share Playbooks with your Team


Execute Playbooks


Monitor and Improve