Release Notes

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Kickscale 4.27.154

June 14, 2022

What’s New

  • You may have noticed that with this release there’s a new, larger number at the end of the version string. Going forward, while you’ll still see the numbers laid out in a <MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD> sequence, the “Build” numbers will now correspond to specific builds on our end as opposed to a small sequential number. TL;DR: A few more numbers for you, a bit more specificity for everyone.

  • We’ve added the most common Apple and Microsoft file extensions to our approved list so you won’t be asked to confirm each time you open a Word doc or Keynote presentation. Are you sure you’d like one less approval? YES/NO

Bug Fixes

  • If you had notifications disabled at the system level, Slack had very crafty ways of evading the preventative measures of Windows. Not by design, mind you—it was a bug. Can bugs be crafty? Not when they’re squished.

Security Guidance

  • This release includes minor security improvements. Updating is beneficial.

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