All in One  Campaign Planning Platform 

Increase Sales Meetings and Revenue at Scale

The Kickscale platform enables leading B2B marketing & sales teams to plan, manage, collaborate and measure ROI on revenue-driving campaigns.

For Trade Shows and In-Person Events.

For Hybrid and Virtual Events.

For Marketing, Sales & Product Campaigns.

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 Why Campaign Management? 

w/o  Kickscale 

  1. Campaign planning in sheets

  2. Task tracking in google sheets

  3. No Accountability and Responsibility

  4. Campaign resources get lost

  5. No tracking and learnings for future campaigns

Campaigns with  Kickscale 

All in one platform.


1. Planning and collaborating of all teams (Product, Marketing, Sales, etc.)

2. Access to proven playbooks /processes from successful companies

3. Everything is saved

4. Easy ROI measurement and learnings

1. Create your  Campaigns 

Manage and execute any campaign, see all relevant activities and collaborate with other teams (marketing, sales, product) to make every campaign a success

Marketing, Sales & Product Campaigns

Go To Market Campaigns

Virtual Events

Trade Shows​

Hybrid Events


2. Manage - Break the  Silos  

Let your teams collaborate on campaigns, learn from their successes, failures and apply their know-how on future campaigns.

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3. Access and Share -  proven  Processes with your Team

Access playbooks/processes of world class companies

in the platform, let your team follow the instructions and success will come

4. Get an overview of your  Campaigns 

3. Get Your  Funnel 

1. Connect your Tools

2. Let us do the Magic

40,000 / 1,962 / 255

Emails / Calls / Linkedin







5. Analyse your  Campaigns 

What campaigns are working best? Why? Who contributed to the campaign and what are trends to follow for future campaigns?

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